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  • Meta-bug to be filed


Quickshare buttons are great once users have used a sharing service or two, but we think it could be great if we provide sensible defaults for those buttons, so users can get value from them from the very beginning.

These defaults will also have to be settable by localizers, and by partners by way of distribution files.

Use cases & user stories

  • When I first start using Firefox's Quickshare feature, I want there to be sensible default services set for each of the Quickshare buttons, selected due to popularity, what makes sense in my locale, or because of service partnerships.
  • After I've been sharing content through Firefox for a while, I expect the Quickshare buttons to update to reflect which services I use through a frecency algorithm.
  • When I have specific services I always want to use, I want to be able to set those as the defaults for my Quickshare buttons in my Firefox Settings, overriding the standard frecency algorithm and any pre-set defaults.
  • Users must always be able to override and customize the initial Quickshare button defaults - at no point will these be hardcoded and unchangeable.

UX design

  • TBD

Quality criteria

  • No user-perceptible performance degradation
  • All goals are met
  • All user stories are implemented & tested