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Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
803719 -- Reflow-on-zoom should zoom in and snap to a piece of text RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)
824965 -- Frame representing text area gets pseudo-incorrect offset from GetContentOffsetsFromPoint RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)
825499 -- Add caretPositionFromPoint to Document.webidl RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)
836565 -- Reflow-on-zoom has lag after zooming-in, then zooming-out RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)
836568 -- Reflow-on-zoom has issues with an event queue building up for successive gestures RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)
847872 -- Only reflow zoom on double tap RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)
872139 -- Slow down zoom animation for reflow on zoom RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)
878928 -- Re-enable to-element-width double-tap zooming even without reflow RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)
878931 -- Reflow-on-zoom should utilize the font-inflation minTwips preference instead of its own RESOLVED Scott Johnson (:jwir3)

9 Total; 0 Open (0%); 9 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);


  • When zooming in on text content, the text readjusts (reflows) to fit the screen so a user does not need to pan the screen to read the larger text


  • Reflow on Zoom initiated only when a user double taps (and not when a user pinches)
  • Reflow to feel smooth and not abrupt
  • Reflow should centre around the 'double tap' in order to zoom in on the intended content
  • Zooming in on images should not trigger a reflow
    • (jwir3): I thought we wanted to reflow regardless of what the user clicks on. The rationale for this is if the user zooms into an image/preformatted text/etc..., we want them to be able to read the text surrounding the image when they pan without zooming out and zooming back in.

User stories

  • As a user, when I double-tap on text on a part of a page, the page zooms in at a comfortable level and the text and images reflows naturally around this zoomed-in area without the need to scroll horizontally, so I can easily and fluidly read and hone in on areas of the page that I am reading.

Quality criteria

  1. All user stories are satisfied
  2. All specifications are met