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Develop initial multi-screen capabilities within Firefox, where video content from one device (ie: phone or tablet) can be "projected" in a lightweight (possibly chromeless) browser window (or app?) on a second device.


CES 2014

Panasonic & Mozilla's intention to work together

CES 2015

Product based on FxOS 
- intended experience (seamless experience sharing content from phone to TV... 'what could be possible'; ecosystem intention)

CES 2016

Partner with Panasonic
- Seamless experience
- Marketplace/Content

MVP feature set

Roku player app

Firefox on Roku - final app name TBD

  • The ability to download app from Roku "Channel Store"
  • Initial interface on TV
    • Introduction page allowing users to discover and learn how to use the feature
    • Recent history list
      • Need to figure how which pre-defined Roku screen type to use
      • Also which title to use (video title, page title, URL?)
    • Loading screen with title: "streaming XXX" on TV
    • Indication of pausing on TV app (overlay a pause indicator on the TV so there is some visual indication that the screen is paused, not just frozen) - pause can be initiated from either mobile device or the Roku remote control
    • Go back to Firefox on Roku after finished streaming
      • ie: to the "recent history" list so the user has something to actually to back to (or another screen)
    • Show general error messages
      • Failed to download
      • Failed to play

Android UI

  • Fix current bugs
  • Visual polishing
    • visual, micro-copy, icon, size, etc.
  • Be able to initiate screencasting from mobile (currently: long-press on video element & item in context menu)
  • Be able to pause / play from mobile

Technical specifications

  • Client app support (first-screen app: Firefox)
    • Discover player-ready devices on local network
    • Start a new session using video in web content
    • Discover an in-progress player session (?)
    • Present UI to control player session (play/pause/volume)
  • Player app support (second-screen app)
    • Launch video from a specified starting position (timeline)
    • Play video
    • Pause video
    • Change volume (Roku does not support this, but other systems do)
    • Close player
  • Targets
    • Roku channel

UX design

  • Roku_AppUI_1205.png
  • Roku_ControlBar_1205.png


  • Proof of concept to demonstrate that we have the technologies in place to make this possible.

Quality criteria

  • No user-perceptible performance degradation
  • All goals are met
  • All user stories are implemented & tested
  • All relevant telemetry probes are implemented