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Make it possible to integrate cloud services into the Firefox browser for storing downloaded content.

Use cases & user stories

These user stories may get moved out into a separate project depending on how UX wants to approach this...primarily this project is about doing the backend work to make third-party service integration possible.

Feature discovery & initial use

  • When I first download any content from the Web, I want Firefox to give me the option of saving that content either locally on my device or in the cloud via one or more integrated services, so I can take advantage of the new integrated cloud services without having to know about them and set them up beforehand.
  • When I first encounter the option to save content either locally or to the cloud, I want the option to remember whatever decision I make now, so I never run into this dialog again and the decision I make becomes the default action for all future downloads.
  • When I have set a default for all future downloads, I want some way to override that default so I can change my mind later for specific pieces of content.
  • When I first opt to save downloaded content to an integrated cloud service, I want the option to log-in to an existing account if I already have one, so I don't end up with multiple accounts for the same service.
  • When I first opt to save downloaded content to an integrated cloud service, I want the option to create a new account inline -- without having to go to a separate tab or website -- so I can quickly set-up and start using the integrated cloud service for my Firefox downloads.

Awesomebar/Awesomescreen integration

  • When I start typing in my awesomebar or awesomescreen, I want items I have downloaded -- whether saved locally or to a cloud service -- to be included in the results so it is easier for me to find and open that item directly rather than going back out to the web and downloading it again.
  • When I delete an item from my downloads -- whether locally or from a cloud service -- I no longer want that item appearing in my awesomebar or awesomescreen, so I am not confused by it showing up in my search results.

UX design

  • Not handed off yet


  • User benefit in that they'll be able to integrate services they already know, use, and love.
  • Strong partnership potential.

Research & references

Quality criteria

  • No user-perceptible performance degradation
  • All goals are met
  • All user stories are implemented & tested