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Overview/Goals: Responsive Design v1

  • First iteration of providing better visual support for Firefox for Android when installed on a set top box (STB)
  • Further iterations will refine the visual and navigation experience on a larger screen
  • STBs may be plugged into laptop monitors or TVs, therefore the design must suit both methods



  • Use landscape Phone UI
  • Hide title bar by default
  • Fix "Tools" submenu (or hide it)
    • Can't scroll
    • Can't get back
  • Navigating page by tabbing through links on the page
    • scrolling with control sticks and tapping with the trackpad is really annoying
  • Font size - web content
  • Font size - menu

Nice to have

  • Better start page navigation
  • URLbar autocomplete
  • Auto full screen videos
  • Preloaded about:home content

User stories

  • As a user, I want to plug an STB console into a computer setup and browse my favourite web content comfortably.
  • As a user, I want to plug an STB console into a TV setup and browse my favourite web content comfortably.

Quality criteria

  1. User stories are satisfied
  2. Specifications are met
  3. (Not MVP but desired): dynamic URL bar reappears easily when using a physical (non touch) input method (controller, keyboard) in an intuitive and reproducible manner


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Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
604039 -- Prototype DOM Gamepad (Joystick) API RESOLVED (not currently active) Ted Mielczarek
698437 P3 Allow navigation with directional controller RESOLVED Mina Almasry
827347 -- about:firefox should allow installing of update RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
831781 -- Allow panning using gamepad d-pad/joystick RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
832508 -- Pausing and resuming fennec on the ouya reopens it with a blank screen RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
832987 -- With "don't keep activities", possible to put the browser in a bad state where no pages load RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
834414 -- A lot of stuff is leaked when "Don't keep activities" is checked RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
837113 -- Provide UI for closing tabs [closing tabs button has been removed] VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
839767 -- [about:home] Featured addon rows don't show highlight color anymore RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
845499 -- Nightly UI on Ouya looks wrong RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
849845 -- Map gamepad buttons to UI features RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
849847 -- Make about:home scrollable with the analog stick RESOLVED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
849955 -- Add a way to exit fennec on ouya RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
854458 -- Implement keyboard navigation in TwoWayView RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
854971 -- [ouya] Make the action/back buttons work properly in URL entry field RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
855016 -- [ouya] Make row items on about:home clickable using the gamepad action button RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
855365 -- Focusing tabs in the awesome screen doesn't work properly RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
855431 -- Make the awesomescreen viewpager sections focus-friendly RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
855471 -- Transfer focus to LayerView if we get a gamepad joystick motion event in chrome RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
855783 -- Map gamepad right joystick to zooming RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
856756 -- Extract a HardwareUtils class for tablet/television/other checking RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
876765 -- Can't navigate to search suggestion row using d-pad RESOLVED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
887051 -- Fix gamepad action key behavior in AwesomeScreen RESOLVED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
887069 -- Fix focus behavior of go button in URL bar VERIFIED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
888497 -- Fix focus order of browser toolbar RESOLVED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
983657 -- thumbstick navigation triggers unwarranted zooming RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (

26 Total; 0 Open (0%); 24 Resolved (92.31%); 2 Verified (7.69%);