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Firefox on Android is seeing a significant number of uninstalls per day. We want to better understand why users are uninstalling us so we can start to stem this particular tide, and we believe that one way of doing so is to simply ask users why they're uninstalling when they uninstall by way of a one-question survey.

Other browsers do this (Dolphin at least, and I'm researching others).

User stories

  • When a user uninstalls Firefox on Android, present them with a web-based, single-question, multiple-choice survey where they can specify one or more reasons why they are uninstalling the browser.
  • Optionally, users should have the ability to give us further feedback by way of a text field & an optional email address for further communication.

Exit survey questions


Other browser exit surveys


Noted. You just uninstalled. We are sorry to see you go. How about a second chance? Tell me how we could have done better.

  • It is too slow
  • It crashed too often
  • I use another browser
  • Not as good as the previous version
  • No menu or don't like bottom menu
  • Add-on not work [sic]
  • Other - send reason via email
    • This opens an email app with a partially pre-filled email to, titled "Goodbye to Dolphin...". Email body includes Android version and phone model information.

UX design



  • Deb is working on a comparison doc that examines what other mobile browsers do on uninstall. Ask her for a link to that doc if you want it.

Quality criteria

  • Must pass privacy and security review
  • UX is verified against original designs & discrepencies approved by UX
  • Responses must be collected, stored, and made available to the team for review and analysis
  • Survey must be localized to all our existing browser locales (and updated as we ship more)
  • Minimal increase in APK size
  • All user stories and specs are met

Related goals

  • Growth. Yep.