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These are mockups for a replaced Fennec design (the bow). Find current designs here: Mobile/UI/Designs/TouchScreen/workingUI.

Working Mockups

Note on the mockups

  • these mockups are intended to describe interaction-flows and layout rather than pixel-perfect screens. Colors, branding, and icons are all just placeholders.

Basic Usage

On initial load (if, in this case, is the start page):


Beginning to scroll down the page while the page is loading. The titlebar remains overlaid until page loading is complete. 2.png

Page load complete. UI is fully out of the way.


A user brings up the primary UI (bow and titlebar) by tapping/touching one of the lower corners.

Button set and arrangement TBD.


Page Edge control strip

This is an alternate design to the bow: Mobile/UI/Designs/TouchScreen/workingUI/sidecontrols

Going to a new page

The user starts a new navigation task (going somewhere new or searching for something). He or she is presented with an entry field, and we also put up some awesomebar-sourced suggestions before anything has been entered.


When the user begins to type, the suggestions update, awesomebar-style, and we also reveal buttons to immediately send the entered text to a search engine. In this way, the user can do quick lookups (facts, phone numbers, movie times etc.) without having to first navigate to the site in question.



Spatial work documented here: Mobile/UI/Designs/TouchScreen/Spatial


Spatial design documented here: Mobile/UI/Designs/TouchScreen/Spatial#Bookmarks


concept 1 - notifications attached to the titlebar

It makes sense to have notifications associated (a) with site identity, currently relayed through the title bar, and (b) associated with the other UI element that appears on its own (also the titlebar) and can linger, superimposed, while the user scrolls along the page. Also, a number of these notifications comes up at time of initial page load (pop-ups blocked, sites trying to install software, etc.), which is when the title bar is on the screen.