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quick lookup

answer to random trivia question

Bob and Edna can't agree on whether the battle of Thermopylae took place in Greece or in Saskatchewan. Determined to settle it, Edna decides to consult Wikipedia.

  1. Edna takes out her mobile device
  2. Edna initiates "go somewhere / look something up"
  3. Edna types "Thermopylae"
  4. Edna sends this request directly to Wikipedia
  5. Wikipedia results page loads

I'm hungry

Hubert is hungry and wants to know where he can go that is close by.

  1. Hubert takes out his mobile device and brings up the browser
  2. He initiates the go somewhere / lookup function
  3. He types in restaurant
  4. Hubert indicates that the restaurants he's after should be close to his current location
  5. Hubert directs his question to a mapping site
  6. Hubert is taken to a result set, as per the site he's using
  7. Hubert chooses a destination and gets directions
  8. Hubert also decides to call the restaurant, to make sure that it's open

checking sports scores


search email for phonenumber

Bob is on a train and late for dinner with Edna. Bob doesn't have Edna's phone number handy, but knows that it's somewhere in his email.

  1. Bob gets out his phone and switches to the browser
  2. Bob initiates "go somewhere / look something up"
  3. Bob types in search terms: edna phone
  4. Bob chooses to search his webmail
  5. list of possible matches comes up in the search results screen of his webmail
  6. Bob finds the correct one
    • (original search terms may have not been sufficient; how should search refinement take place)?
  7. Bob taps phone number to dial it
  8. Bob explains himself
  9. Bob moves the number to his phonebook so this doesn't happen again


  • (connect to current location)

subcase - find the address on the web or in email and then get directions to it from current location

(the shouldn't have to write anything on a post-it note (or copy-paste) to complete a task)


gtalk / IM

Bob is out for the evening, but has left himself logged in to an instant message client in his browser because he wants to be contactable. Glen is trying to ping him.

  1. Glen types to Bob from wherever he is
  2. Bob's mobile device indicates that something has happened (depending on how he's set up indication - vibration? ringing?)
  3. Bob takes out his mobile device
  4. Bob figures out what it is that is notifying him
  5. Bob switches to his browser
  6. Bob switches to the tab where he's running his IM web-client
  7. more to come

(clearly there are number of issues to work out here to do with notification, within but also outside of the browser)

checking email

sms-ing or emailing a link / other to someone

updating your status

  • twitter? IM?


checking in for flights

logging into your banking account and doing banking

  • too broad at the moment

buying things with the phone

  • access to the phone's billing?
  • the Future?

I'm bored

reading news




what is this (tied into the camera)

making a phonecall / adding to address book / skyping based on a tel:

Notes from the Summit (not organized yet)

  • in a bar, need answer to trivia
  • on the way to a meeting, and need the address
  • walking to work, listening to the news
    • would read but font sizes are too small
    • copy and paste to another app
    • or browser could format
  • looking up bus number detail and routes on public transit
  • walk around whistler, see a bear, take a picture, share it (various services), run
    • also, rocks
  • IM
  • find something on a desktop, then refer to on device
  • movie times
  • updates
  • product codes -- a way to check price of products (comparison shop)
    • camera or typing in codes
  • driving, have the address, the directions are bad -- find new
    • zooming in and out of a map, which is difficult
  • voice recognition -- when driving, would be nice not to have to look away from the road
    • integrating it with the app?
  • looking at photography on the web
    • see a photo you like
    • getting options of what to do with it
      • saving
      • share with friends
      • having options, generally, for content
  • expiring bookmarks -- a work list created at some other time that you can then go through on a mobile device
    • remind me to deal with this later on a bigger screen
  • banking
  • purchasing things -- integrated into the billing of the device
  • transactions
  • going to yelp and pressing "I'm feeling hungry"
  • watching television
  • get instant coupons based on location
  • wanting to print from a device
    • need a non-electronic copy -- not energy consuming version
    • can't use device
    • instant quotes -- bets, stocks, weather, horoscopes