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This should track anything related to Firefox Mobile webpages.

Task List


  • Add-ons Manager re-design (to make add-ons more discoverable)
  • Mobile tab on
  • mobile pages replaced with desktop pages (FAQ, Features, Privacy Policy)


  • Developers page (tbd)
  • Change "Synchronization" to "Sync your desktop and mobile"
  • Change "Customization" to "Get Add-ons for mobile"
  • Combine Nokia for the N900 and Platforms & Languages page to one "Download Firefox to my phone" page
  • Download Firefox to My Phone page: N900 download, Android (beta) download, languages grid, future platforms and devices link
  • Add Get Involved page (and Tips & Tricks page - tbd) to side navigation
  • Add-ons manager redesign- being spec'd out
  • "Talk to us button" with feedback channels - being spec'd out


  • Mobile landing page redesign
  • Android landing page
  • Develop page go live


  • Mobile video refresh


SMS form kill switch

If you need to kill SMS, ask IT to put this in in production

  • $config['sms_disabled'] = true

Device detection has the n810 user agents has the n800 ones

the n900 user agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux armv7l; en-US; rv:1.9.2a1pre) Gecko/20091116 Firefox/3.5 Maemo Browser 1.5.6 RX-51 N900

The Windows Mobile user agents seem to be all over the place... has a bunch of them, and others are on the site above, but if we can get some Pocket IE and Opera mobile ones we're probably good there as well.

The HTC devices seem to claim they're running on Windows Desktop -- 'HTC_Touch_Diamond2_T5353 Opera/9.50 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en)' for example. Not sure how to best match it and avoid catching their desktop ones. Their desktop ones do start the string with Opera, so maybe if that doesn't begin the string?


  • Mobile Marketing
    • Caitlin Looney
  • Development
    • Alex Buchanan
    • Steven Garrity
    • Craig Cook
  • QA
    • Stephen Donner
    • Raymond Etornam