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Note: When you make bugs for these tasks, please mark them blocking bug 516521

Worklist for refactoring the mobile-e10s front-end code before merging into mobile-browser.

  • bug 561016 openURLInFrame can be merged now as it won't cause any problems for mobile-browser.
  • bug 571070 Merge the KeyEvent handling into the current Clicker object.
  • Remove/refactor contentWindow and contentDocument mock objects from the remote browser XBL.
  • bug 570969 Add "windowID" concept to aWebProgress argument of the progress listener interface methods (e10s and non-e10s).
  • bug 566586 Remove MessagePasser helper code.
  • Remove the try/catch wrap from the nsIAlertService code in browser.js
  • bug 568092 Create a message API for "DOMTitleChanged", "DOMLinkAdded" (or just "DOMSearchEngine") and "DOMWindowClose". Use the API for e10s and non-e10s.
  • bug 570823 Create a scroll message API for scrollTo and scrollBy. For example, browser.messageManager.sendMessage("Content:ScrollTo", {x: someX, y: someY });
  • bug 566640 Move mIconURL support into the browser XBL binding (e10s and non-e10s).
  • bug 566500 (mbrubeck) - Move viewport metadata support into the browser XBL binding (e10s and non-e10s).
  • bug 571868 Move identity support into the browser XBL binding (e10s and non-e10s).
  • Tab progress listener cleanup (_listener, removeProgressListener, etc).
  • bug 571971 (not for 2.0a1) - Move content (frame/overflow) scrolling code from InputHandler into the content process.
  • Investigate porting browser-chrome tests to e10s using message APIs (can add simple tests like checking the title/icon states)
  • bug 572214 Add support for local and remote canvas rendering
  • Investigate the use of DOMWindowCreated and use it where needed
  • bug 573041 Move the clicker code to content.js
  • bug 566288 Move form helper into its own file (e10s and non-e10s)
  • Have a look at bug 536301 and bug 568502 for the securityUI attribute once they landed
  • bug 552832 Make sure in-content UI pages (maybe all about: pages) are opened as local content
  • bug 573666 Remove tab state system
  • bug 573902 Remove unused panning + zooming code
  • bug 573908 Fix tab thumbnails
  • bug 574006 Add back context menu support
  • bug 574123 Add back zoom-to-rect support for zooming to an element
  • bug 574332 Convert sendSyncMessage calls to sendAsyncMessage (requires test changes)