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Only module owners may edit this page.

They may:

  • update any information about their module except the name of the owner
  • add or remove sub-modules
  • change the owner of a sub-module
  • add emeritus owners or peers

Other changes, including changes of module owner or addition/removal of modules, must be agreed with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via a discussion in mozilla.governance.

Name: Mochitest (#)
Description: Mochitest test framework
Owner: Andrew Halberstadt
Peer(s): Joel Maher, Geoffrey Brown
Source Dir(s): testing/mochitest
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Mochitest
Name: Reftest (+ jsreftest + crashtest) (#)
Description: Reftest test framework
Owner: Timothy Nikkel
Peer(s): Joel Maher, Andrew Halbertstadt
Owner(s) Emeritus: David Baron
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jeff Walden, Kartikaya Gupta
Source Dir(s): layout/tools/reftest
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Reftest
Name: web-platform-tests infrastructure (#)
Description: Infrastructure for running the cross-browser web-platform-tests suite
Owner: James Graham
Peer(s): Maja Frydrychowicz
Peer(s) Emeritus: Andreas Tolfsen
Source Dir(s): testing/web-platform excluding testing/web-platform/tests, testing/web-platform/meta and testing/web-platform/mozilla, but including testing/web-platform/tests/tools
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: web-platform-tests
Name: geckodriver (#)
Description: Proxy for using W3C WebDriver-compatible clients to interact with Gecko-based browsers.
Owner: James Graham
Peer(s): Henrik Skupin,
Owner(s) Emeritus: Andreas Tolfsen
Peer(s) Emeritus: David Burns,
Source Dir(s): testing/geckodriver
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: geckodriver
Name: Marionette (#)
Description: Marionette is a remote protocol that lets out-of-process programs communicate with, instrument, and control Gecko-based browsers. Combined with geckodriver, this forms our WebDriver implementation.
Owner: Henrik Skupin,
Peer(s): Julian Descottes, James Graham
Owner(s) Emeritus: Andreas Tolfsen
Peer(s) Emeritus: Maja Frydrychowicz, David Burns,
Source Dir(s): testing/marionette
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Marionette
Name: firefox-ui (#)
Description: Firefox UI test framework
Owner: Henrik Skupin
Peer(s): Julian Descottes
Peer(s) Emeritus: Maja Frydrychowicz,
Source Dir(s): testing/firefox-ui
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Firefox UI
Name: Performance Testing (#)
Description: This module encompasses all of our performance test frameworks: Raptor, Talos, MozPerfTest, AWSY
Owner: Greg Mierzwinski
Peer(s): Kimberly Sereduck
Source Dir(s): testing/raptor, testing/talos, python/mozperftest, testing/awsy
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Raptor, Testing :: Talos, Testing :: AWSY, Testing :: Performance
Name: XPCShell (#)
Description: XPCShell test harness
Owner: Joel Maher
Peer(s): Geoffrey Brown
Source Dir(s): testing/xpcshell
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing::XPCShell Harness
Name: gtest (#)
Description: GTest test harness
Owner: Geoffrey Brown
Source Dir(s): testing/gtest
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: GTest
Name: Mozbase (#)
Description: Base modules used for implementing test components
Owner: Geoffrey Brown
Peer(s): Andrew Halberstadt, Andreas Tolfsen, Bob Clary, James Graham, Henrik Skupin
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Mozbase, Testing :: Mozbase Rust
Name: Tryselect (#)
Description: Frontend for selecting jobs on the try server
Owner: Andrew Halberstadt
Peer(s): James Graham
Source Dir(s): tools/tryselect
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox Build System :: Try
Name: mozharness (#)
Description: Configuration-driven script harness
Owner: Aki Sasaki
Peer(s): Justin Wood, Tom Prince
Source Dir(s): testing/mozharness
Bugzilla Component(s): Release Engineering :: Applications: MozharnessCore
Name: Code Coverage (#)
Description: Tools for code coverage instrumentation, and coverage data parsing and management
Owner: Marco Castelluccio
Peer(s): Calixte Denizet, Joel Maher
Source Dir(s): tools/code-coverage, python/mozbuild/mozbuild/codecoverage/, testing/mozharness/mozharness/mozilla/testing/,,
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Code Coverage