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Date & Location

The 2012 Mozilla Camp Europe (EU) took place in Warsaw, Poland from September 8th to September 9th, 2012 at the Fabryka venue. To see some of what happened, go to The Record.

On Friday, we will host an informal Welcome Event from 7-10pm at the Marriott. On Saturday, the doors to the Fabryka will open at 8am and the keynotes will begin at 9am.


Mobilize Mozilla!

Based on our content priorities the theme will be "Mobilize Mozilla" in order to both reinforce the strategic importance of our efforts in the mobile market as well as the ambitious goals we've set forth for our community to accomplish this year.


You can find the schedule here.


All you need to know about VISAs, travel, accommodation, venue, transportation, food

Goals, Content, and Tracks

With the European Mozilla community in mind, we will be choosing three content tracks to be featured here...

How to Participate

Please submit your participation proposals by July 26th and indicate which sessions you would like to attend here...

Mission MozCamp (MozCamp Buddy Program)

For more information about the MozCamp Buddy program, please see here


We're going to pay extra attention to ensure the format of this event allows us to execute on the theme and tracks and make it an active, dynamic and powerful event to participate in! Read more about the format here...


More than 250 passionate Mozillians from all over Europe, North America, and the Middle East who are contributors to all areas of the Mozilla project will be invited to take part in MozCamp Europe. Read more...


We've set up several different communications channels for the Camp, Read more here...

Map + Points of Interest

For more information on the key MozCamp locations, please see Here

What to do in Warsaw

If you're staying in Warsaw for a bit longer and you want to use your time here, see MozCampEU2012/Warsaw

How to Help!

Want to help out at MozCamp? Great!

Please see here for more information on opportunities to help make MozCamp a success!

Where is Firefox?

For more information about:

  • Where the Firefox costume will be located throughout the weekend
  • To volunteer to wear it
  • To sign-up to use it

Please see here



  • Questions about travel booking and hotel reservations, please contact our vendor (Wolff Produktionens) at:
  • Logistical inquiries: mozcamp [at] mozilla [dot] com
  • General inquiries: knaszradi [at] mozilla [dot] com
  • Questions about how to get involved: team-baked-goods [at] mozilla [dot] com

Phone Numbers

- The full-time cell phone for MozCamp will be: 0049 - (0)-1577 - 5742960 (September 6-September 10)

- In case of emergency, please use these numbers:

  • Ambulance: 999
  • Fire Brigade: 998
  • Police: 997
  • Road Assistance: 981
  • Municipal Police: 986
  • Warsaw public transportation information: 9484
  • International flight departure information: 650 39 43
  • International flight arrival information: 650 42 20
  • Warsaw Taxi service (Wawa Taxi): 9644

Note: the "112" number is what usually works from mobile phones; the 99x numbers work from land line / phone booths.