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What Is It

MozFest is Mozilla’s largest public facing event, this year taking place online and in Amsterdam. The primary focus of the festival will take place online March 7th to March 10th. MozFest is a unique festival- part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. At the festival we host sessions, designed with participation at the fore and under the overarching theme of Trustworthy AI: AI that is designed with personal agency in mind, emphasizing privacy, transparency, and human well being.

From March 25th- 27th 2022 we are hoping to host an in-person event live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, called MozFest House: Amsterdam. We hosted a version of this in London from 2017-2019, and for 2022 we are reopening MozFest House across Amsterdam in venues that are easily accessible to one another.

MozFest is unconference in design, with a focus on participatory engaging experiences. The format is designed to be able to cater for emergent styles, communities, and sessions. The program is community-designed and community-led with a significant focus on diversity across languages, ages, disciplines, identities, and cultures. Focus is on participation, asking for responses, advice, engagement, opinions and collaboration to learn, build, and seek to evolve the work beyond the festival.

For now Virtual MozFest is the main event and MozFest House is a small experiment, in compliment to our virtual program. Who knows where this new nodal event structure could lead in 2023!

Get Involved

We have built MozFest through the learnings of each passing festival and through your feedback. And what has been essential to tackling the issues that impact our lives online is building momentum.

So we want to start gathering folks online from now. Expect Space oriented community calls, topic-focused meetups, and opportunities to connect as facilitators and participants before the live event. We invite you to connect earlier, seek out threads across each other's work, support session development and design to build momentum and participation towards the festival. So when we meet in March, the work has already started.

To join the conversation around this year's MozFest, jump in on our Mozilla Festival Slack.

Who Is It For

At MozFest we ask the internet health movement to connect, collaborate, and build Trustworthy AI, whether in products, policies, design principles, community resources, or guidelines. Core issues felt across the internet health movement emerge as Spaces, tracks for co-creation and community building, which are hosted by our Wranglers, volunteer curators from across the Internet health movement. The Sessions are where we share our work and exchange thoughts & experiences, through discussions, workshops, art installations, films, or cultural and social moments. On October 11, the Call for Proposals will go live and you are all invited to explore the issues of each Space through the submission of a session that seeks collaboration, engagement and co-building with others across the festival.

Topics & Thematic Focus


Festival Formats



The Festival will take place 7-10 March, 2022. As Amsterdam is once again our host city for the Festival, the time zone for the schedule will be Central European Time (CET) / UTC+01:00, though due to the online format, sessions will be scheduled across many different time zones based on Facilitator availability. The online schedule of sessions will be coming out 1 February 2022.