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Bedrock discussion 11/14


  • Steven Garrity
  • James Long
  • Fred Wenzel
  • Chris More
  • Mike Alexis


  • Project almost done with first pass of architecture
  • download buttons working but need polishing
  • l10n working but no example yet.
  • Channel page working
  • we're at the point where we can start porting pages
  • not a whole lot of testing yet
    • now is a good time to start writing them
  • the project is farther along than SO expected
  • good stage for SO to get involved

How to get SO set up

  • set up will be more complex
  • SO will try to port a page themselves
    • working on set up today
  • Playdoh has good install documentation
    • SO will keep tabs on where they get stuck and where we need more documentation
  • 404 page good next to port over
  • work with Pascal on l10n


  • Playdoh is mature and should be able to solve problems
  • /new page has unique optimization that doesn’t exist on other pages
    • need to look at these edge cases
  • Pain-points can be tackled incrementally
  • New designs aren’t dependencies/blockers on porting over pages to bedrock
  • SO devs eager to dig into django and learn new platform
  • Time estimate
    • Aurora release notes page with new design was built in a day with borrowed assets from other similar pages
  • basic worklow is straight forward and would not change significantly
    • dl buttons, header / footer, template work...
  • l10n is where it gets complicated
    • can do some parallelizing of l10n.
  • make en-us just another locale instead of en-us first?
    • could be complex up front but overall will save localization time
  • ultimately aim is to save 10- 20% dev time

Next steps

  • SO getting an instance up today or tomorrow
  • work on that throughout the week.