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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

For the current Community pages on, our main goal is just to convert them from a static set of pages to something that is dynamic and reflects the activity of the community. We don't know what this should look like, so feel free to post ideas, comments, mockups below.


The existing Community section is not helpful—content is grouped in an arbitrary fashion and there's no real map of Mozilla for people to follow to find what they want. I think we can address this by creating the following:

Web Universe Map

We should have a way to show all of the parts of Mozilla as a whole at a high-level so people can understand the different parts -- basically create a web universe map. This will be an outcome of the current IA project. This wouldn't be comprehensive, but would give people an starting point.

(Sort of) Comprehensive List

There is no way to have complete list of all Mozilla sites since things are always in flux and there is no central place where all these sites are tracked (MoCo IT knows what sites they are hosting, but this is certainly not all of the community's sites). We can provide a sort of comprehensive list though. There seems to be at least some interest in having this (see the Websites page on the wiki)

The key to making a long list like this useful is letting people filter it in some way. Maybe let people turn off sites not hosted by MoCo for instance would make it easy to find community run local sites.

As a starting point for this, see this Mozilla A to Z mockup.

Mozilla A to Z

International Pages

Having a list of all international pages is key, but I wouldn't recommended separating them off on their own page. Perhaps just listing them in a comprehensive list and then letting people filter that list in some way would help?


Suggestion: change name of Developer Forums page to Community Forums since there are non-developer forums there and include Other Community Forum links to bottom of page. At some point it would be interesting to have a dashboard there to point to specific forums with interesting activity (maybe track the top trending forums by post by week?)

Current Nav

  • Blogs and Feeds
  • Chat Servers
  • Events and Parties
  • International Pages
  • Mirrors
  • Official Developer Forums
  • Other Community Forums
  • Social Networking
  • Websites
  • Wikis

Proposed Nav

  • Map (Community section main page?)
  • Forums
  • Directory / Site Directory / Mozilla A to Z / some other name?
  • Mirrors
  • Social Networking?
  •  ??? (Events maybe? Something else?)


Feel free to edit this section...

Data portrait for Mozilla Community

Mockup for social networking page

  • Maybe there is a way to automatically generate a list of community sites based on their use of the MCS theme? Perhaps there's a specific file in there we can google for? Having a list of community sites that is at least partially automatically generated will help us keep things much more current than existing pages, such as the list of international sites.
  • In terms of showing community activity on the dashboard, there was some recent advice on tracking metrics from the Community Leadership Summit that was insightful. The basic argument was that you need to be very careful about the metrics you track since it can skew people's incentives (for instance, maybe counting the numbers of bugs closed per week could provide incentive to close bugs permaturely?). The advice was to track the trends of things (1st and 2nd derivatives) vs. doing a straight counts of things. This fits in with the portal goals of having a dashboard be an entry point--trends can show what's worth checking out in the community now, whereas a straight count of bugs, for instance, doesn't really point people to relevant information.

Relevant Links

To get a better idea of what this could look like, here are some links to ideas and discussions about visualizing the community and creating a portal into all of the community's activities.