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Content on this page is mostly obsolete. Check out the One Mozilla Website project wiki for current info.

The site tells the story of the whole Mozilla project and is a resource shared by the entire community. This can be seen most clearly in the owners of the site that include employees of various Mozilla organizations, employees of other organizations and individuals volunteering their time.

The ownership structure of the site follows the community ownership model and the current set of owners and peers is listed below. We're always looking for new people to get involved and join us as new site owners and peers.

Site Wide Roles

Unlike other ownership areas for the site that are based on content within directories, there are some ownership roles that are site-wide.

Role Owner
Technical Module Owner wenzel
Technical Module Peer reed
Content Module Owner david
Design Module Owner jslater

Active Content

The following is content that is being maintained actively.

Main Navigation

Main navigation content includes the sections included in the global site header.

Directory Owner
home page david/jslater
about david/jslater
community david
contribute david
projects david/various (see below for more details)

Project/Program Sections

With the new domain name strategy we are moving some content about Firefox, Thunderbird and Drumbeat over to Initially these will act as separate sites on a shared domain but we will integrate these more fully into a single site over time.

Directory Owner
drumbeat david
firefox john
thunderbird rafael

Note: these directories don't exist yet since the content is still on, and

Floating Directories

Floating directories include content that is not linked to from the main navigation (for example, some pages are reached from in product sources). We may need to explicitly add some of this to the main navigation.

Directory Owner Linked from
book beltzner in product
credits gerv in product
keymaster bsmedberg XUL namespace
start david in mozilla suite

Nightly Directories

Firefox nightly builds point to for the first run and landing pages and various directories are used to host this content. The following list is subject to change as releases are added or removed. For more information, see Firefox pages on

Directory Owner
projects/devpreview juanb
projects/firefox beltzner
projects/minefield juanb
projects/namoroka juanb
projects/shiretoko juanb

Other Directories

Directory Owner
contact david
foundation mofo staff
grants tiffney
hacking gerv
legal frank?
MPL mitchell
parks david/chelsea
security dveditz
support cilias

Technical Bits

Technical bits include the directories that keep the site running.

Directory Owner
cache planning group
css planning group
images planning group
includes planning group
script planning group
style planning group

Legacy Content

Most of this content should be migrated off to a more appropriate location, such as the Developer Network or Mozilla Wiki. Some of this may make sense to keep where it is.


There are many legacy pages on the site, mostly documentation, that have been added over the years and don't directly fit in to the recently updated main navigation. This content is welcome to stay on the site, although some of it may be archived or migrated at some point.

Directory Owner
access aaron?
developer sheppy
directory  ?
docs sheppy
editor  ?
js  ?
newlayout  ?
performance  ?
ports  ?
rdf  ?
rhino norris boyd
scriptable  ?
themes kairo
unix  ?

Projects Directories

The projects area of the site has many directories owned by various people involved with different projects. Most of these directories need to be archived and migrated, but there are still active projects being hosted and it helps to clarify ownership.

Directory Owner
projects/bugzilla justdave
projects/calendar simon
projects/mathml ktomlinson
projects/security kathleen and ?
projects/thunderbird rafael


Note: the site is not yet fully localizable but we have started working on translating some key pages on the site. When the site is easier to localize, we'll make a bigger effort to identify locale owners.

Locale Owner
hr (Croatian) edo