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Platforms to consider

The idea here is to have a paragraph or so for each platform, with a link to a page that can be created later with more details about the relevant APIs. I suspect it's also gonna be useful to put together a matrix of OS x Device platforms, so that it's clear where our biggest holes are likely to be.

OS Platforms


Apple ships software called iSync. It doesn't currently support SyncML, nor does it currently have any publicly documented APIs. Rumor has it that the iSync APIs will be released when Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) ships. Assuming the APIs are complete enough, I suspect we'll be able to get away with writing only an iSync conduit for Mac. Other interesting information about the current state of Mac sync software can be found at Mark/Space, Inc., particularly on the developer page.

Check Out "Integrating Sync Services into your Application" by apple. It includes links to what looks like it might be an API. -Jacob Floyd


No real standard sync application available. There are a few options:

  • opensync/multisync. Not ready yet
  • sync4j. gpl only, need to pay for other licenses
  • gpilot. Intergrated into gnome. Not much documentation available
  • Does kde have something? I believe KDE has an app called SynCE for winCE synchronization. check here for some SYNCE info. -Jacob Floyd


  • hotsync. More for palm
  • activesync. More for pocketpc
  • opensync/multisync. Not ready yet. Not a standard app.

Device Platforms

I suspect the first five are going to cover the vast majority of PDA/phone-style devices deployed today. It would be useful to have real-world numbers on this, however -- does anyone have a handle on where to get some?


For Black Berry phone sync / application development go here:

They appear to have a JDE or Java Development Environment, so if anyone knows Java give it a look. Black Berry requires that you register to look at the APIs. They also use a proprietary Certicom cryptography scheme (I'm not sure for what, just transferring files or accessing applications on a network) which requires a license (don't know what type.) Go to for the JDE download area.

The Blackberry Developer's Forum is here along with a development journal which may help Mozilla Sync developers.

At the least, getting one type of device syncing with Mozilla will give Mozilla developers experience and expose them to the common problems of getting Mozilla to sync with all other device types.


Palm OS developers pages: (Requires a free registration): The Palm OS SDK is available from there (I don't know what programming language it is intended for.)

Would the linked files on this site be of any use?

Seems as though this guy wrote a syncing extension for Thunderbird's address book.


This person has posted that he found his Symbian device to support the SyncML protocol mentioned elsewhere in the wiki:

Perhaps an e-mail should be sent his way to see what he's found so far?


Mozilla2:Device_Sync:Platforms:Windows Mobile

There are other platforms that are likely to be interested in syncing as well:



mozPod has been created to sync Thunderbird's Address Book to Apple iPods. Work is underway to add Calendar support.