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Render Benchmark

Trender is a new performance metric intended to evaluate page rendering speed as we work on moving to a Cairo world. It calcualtes the average redraw time (wall clock) of a page using a new method in nsIDOMWindowUtils over a wide set of pages; various combinations of these results are then turned into one or more composite results.

The full Trender package cannot be made public due to potential copyright issues with the test content; however, the test harness and certain tests can be public.

Results are reported on the Firefox tinderbox.

What do Tr/Tgfx/Tsvg mean?

  • Trender numbers are the real-world HTML results.
  • Tgfx are the synthetic test results, designed to stress a particular aspect of gfx (e.g. transparency rendering or text rendering).
  • Tsvg will be a svg-only number that measures SVG rendering performance, with the current SVG test pulled out of Tgfx.

Test Code

Harness: [1]

Single-page test bookmarklet: [2]

Trender, version 20060131 (inside firewall only): [3]


Open Trender.xml in the toplevel directory in the Trender zip file. The test will start automatically. Results will be displayed both in the browser and via dump(). You should enable JavaScript window resizing (it will resize to 1024x1024), and disable the info bars (for blocked popups and the like) for consistent results. If you enable JS window closing, you can load Trender.xml#tinderbox=1 to have it close the window at the end; this is useful for running from the command line.

Test Contents