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  • Extend the new build graph server to handle discrete data sets of the form Time1=Data1, Time2=Data2, etc.


  • build graph server code located in the trunk at /mozilla/webtools/new-graph
  • an extension has been added to this code to handle discrete data sets. The data sets are displayed as bar gaphs.

Pretty Pictures

  • This example shows an overlay of two data sets generated by two runs of the new Python performance test framework with a new web page set. Page load times are currently being displayed - when you hover over a section of the graph the web url associated with that load time is displayed in the status line.


  • Here you can see the variety of data collected from the test runs.


  • Finally, a graph comparing the working set size of two runs of the graph server. The working set is sampled per second of test run.


Future Work

  • Things are still buggy - spend some time concentrating on bug fixes
  • Get this on a public server so that people can play with it