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Purpose of this Document

The purpose of this document is to establish a test plan for Internationalization and Localization Testing performed by Smartware for Mozilla Firefox 3 Web browser.


Focus of this testing is completely on localization of the Web browser.

Coverage of the Testing:

1. Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • Completely localized text (Menus, Labels, Messages, Help Manual, etc.)
  • Truncation and Overrun of text
  • Extraneous/Junk characters
  • Cultural specific standards (Bidi languages)
  • Alignment of text

2. Linguistic:

  • Correctness in translation
  • Consistency of translated words
  • Missing Content (Compared to English Version)
  • Punctuation

3. Functional(Related to localization of the application):

  • Install, Uninstall, and Update
  • Launch and Quit
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Regional Settings Default (taking default language, date and time format)
  • Localized Startup page
  • Launch of localized web pages
  • Search Engines:Localized search results(web pages) by the supported search engines
  • Bookmarks (Including Live Bookmarks)
  • Shortcut keys
  • Mnemonics
  • Localized input device functionality (National keyboard)
  • Localized text input – String handling
  • Find and Match Case with localized strings
  • Editing localized text (Cut, Copy, Paste, Drag and Drop)
  • Printing support
  • Sorting
  • Installation of Add-ons
  • Launch of in-product pages