Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.23.4 and minor changes

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Release date: 25 September 2014

Today's MozillaWiki release includes a minor update to Mediawiki 1.23.4 and a minor bugfix.

Mediawiki upgraded to 1.23.4

Mediawiki was upgraded from 1.23.3 to 1.23.4. Release notes.

Minor bugfixes

  • MozillaWiki now uses Fira Mono font family (bug 1072995) for textarea, pre and other tags that expect a monospace font. MozTT font is no longer included. Fixes bug 1059112.


Thank you User:GPHemsley, User:CLiang, User:Jcrowe and everyone else who reported bugs and helped with this release!

Notice any issues?

If you notice any issues with this release, please report a bug.

If you simply have questions, you are welcome to ask in #wiki on irc.mozilla.org (webchat).

Bugs resolved in this release

Full Query
ID Severity Summary Whiteboard Priority Status
1056791 normal Missing X-Frame-Options header : possible clickjacking [site:wiki.mozilla.org][reporter-external] [stage=2014-09-25] [prod=2014-09-25] -- RESOLVED
1059112 normal MozTT font-family URL is incorrect, causing large text in the edit textarea [dev=2014-09-25][prod=2014-09-25] -- RESOLVED
1072641 normal Upgrade wiki.mozilla.org to MediaWiki 1.23.4 [kanban:https://kanbanize.com/ctrl_board/4/1334] [dev=2014-09-25] [prod=2014-09-25] -- RESOLVED
1072995 normal Upload fira webfonts [kanban:https://kanbanize.com/ctrl_board/4/1342] [dev=2014-09-25][prod=2014-09-25] -- VERIFIED

4 Total; 0 Open (0%); 3 Resolved (75%); 1 Verified (25%);