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Criteria for Deletion

Because MozillaWiki functions as our public memory, providing a history of the project, as well as a collaboration space, we discourage deletion of content.

Generally pages are deleted when one or more of these criteria are met:

  1. the page's content was never appropriate for MozillaWiki
  2. the page's content included personal and/or confidential information
  3. the page was created for testing purposes only or never had any substantial content

Requesting a Deletion

Please do not file a bug requesting pages be deleted. Content issues are handled in-wiki.

You can request that pages meeting this criteria be deleted by adding the following to the top of the page:

{{delete|Reason for deletion|date=Date of report}}

Dealing with Outdated Content

Missing content can be more disruptive to users than properly labeled out of date content. As such, we recommend that out of date content be indicated by adding {{outdated}} to the top of the page.

This template adds appropriate messaging at the top of the page and adds the page to the 'Outdated articles' category so we can more easily find and update such content.

If the content will likely never be updated, then we also recommend moving the pages to an appropriate place (like Privacy/Archive). All confirmed users should be able to move pages.