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Content Bugs

What are "content" bugs?

Content bugs and issues are those that pertain to the content of MozillaWiki.

Examples include:

  • missing or broken links
  • out of date content
  • missing or incorrect categories
  • pages with inappropriate titles
  • pages created in inappropriate namespaces
  • missing images
  • spam or other inappropriate content
  • malformed templates

Where to report

Content issues should be reported directly on MozillaWiki itself.

There are various ways to report these kinds of issues.

  • Note the issue on the page's Discussion (Talk) page. Every wiki page has a corresponding Discussion (Talk) page and you can access it by clicking the "Discussion" tab.
  • For missing links, add the category Pages_with_broken_links.
  • For missing images or file links, add the category Pages_with_broken_file_links.
  • For spam, add the category Spam.

Technical Bugs

What are "technical" bugs?

Technical bugs and issues are those that pertain to the operation of MozillaWiki.

Examples include:

  • a page loading only partially or not at all
  • webserver or mediawiki error messages displayed on pages
  • a wiki feature not working as it should (e.g. you try to save a page to your watchlist and nothing happens)
  • login issues

Where to report

Technical bugs should be reported via Bugzilla under Websites >