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Wiki Working Group: 7 March 2014 (First meeting)

Purpose / Goal

To introduce ourselves to each other, review history and current state of wiki and create a preliminary roadmap for improvements.


  • Jennie Rose Halperin/ Mozilla Community Building/ @little_wow
  • Christie Koehler (CBT,
  • Larissa (CBT,
  • Justin Crawford (Web prod / websites team)
  • Jason Crowe - JD (IT, WebOps)
  • Gordon (All-around Mozilla volunteer, Wikipedian for over 10 years, WHATWG wiki admin)
  • C (WebOps)

Action Items

  • Clean-up and post meeting notes - ckoehelr
  • Find out who has been working on Sandstone theme, evaluate code - ckoehler
  • Update language on Main Page to make it friendlier :) - ?
  • Explain how fits in to mozilla website ecosystem - Larissa & Justin
  • Request creation of wiki working group email list

Agenda / Notes


Participants in the meeting took turns speaking about what they saw as priority issues to address. The following is an aggregate of those priorities.

People to Invite / Consult