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Wiki Working Group - 7 April 2014 3rd meeting

Last meeting's notes: Contribute/Education/Wiki_Working_Group/Notes/2014-03-25


(We'll start with quick introductions. Also, write your name down if you're in attendance.)

  • Lyre Calliope / @CaptainCalliope
  • Justin Wood / Callek
  • Rahid
  • jd
  • Larissa
  • Gordon
  • Jennie
  • Surit (imsurit)
  • Joelle

Agenda / Notes

What does it mean to be a module peer?

Christie's suggestion:

  1. help craft and drive the roadmap (take lead on atleast one committee)
  2. take an active part in any governance issues that arise
  3. advocate for the wiki across the Mozilla community
  • add something about decision-making and escalation paths
  • ask laura thompson for guidance, another person to ask is gerv
  • Will folks remind me who would like to be a peer? (I didn't take note from our last meeting)
    • Gordon
    • Lyre Calliope

Organization Structure

Editorial Roadmap


Presented by Joelle

To address "questions of clarity" about wiki's position within different projects, teams, groups

  • How are people/groups currently using the Wiki?
  • How would people/groups like to use the Wiki?

What tools currently exist to gather data on wiki usage and maintenance?

Where to begin? Who would like to go forward/assist with this?


  • Need to gather data analytics
  • Survey groups


  • Build dashboard(s) separate from the wiki that tracks usage

What does Joelle need to proceed?

  • Needs to clarify specific questions to answer.
  • Might need help identifying how to get data to answer those questions.

Other / Misc

  • Filing bugs:
    • Most all wikimo bugs should be filed under Websites >
    • Bugs that require privledged access will be filed under Infrastructure & Operations > WebOps: IT-Managed Tools

Action Items

  • Draft roadmap based on new governance/organizational structure - Lyre to lead
  • Track down GA person on web productions - Christie
  • Generate list of research questions - Joelle, research-type folks
  • Christie and Gordon to connect re spam issue
  • Register the IRC channel and op relevant users - Christie DONE
    • Ping on-call in #it to get op permissions in order to register channel DONE
  • Determine how we want to handle long queries - tbd
  • Submit module information to Laura Thompson - Christie

Agenda item for next time

Webmaker Wiki revamp

Presented by Matt Thompson

    • Looks great, but also provides an example of some things not to do.
      • Uses HTML instead of wikimarkup.
        • Wikimarkup tends to be cleaner and easier to maintain (once you get over the learning curve).
      • Uses external links for wikilinks.
        • Wikilinks help us get statistics from the built-in MediaWiki features (e.g. "What Links Here").
      • Has super fancy styling that may get in the way. (This is subjective, of course.)
        • Super fancy styling always requires a foray into HTML and/or CSS, and may clash with the skin (especially given that different people may be using different skins).
    • How can we provide this kind of visual styling while following mediawiki best practices?