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Wiki Working Group - 20 May 2014


  • Christie Koehler (ckoehler, twitter @christi3k)
  • Gordon P. Hemsley (GPHemsley)
  • Robert Kaiser (KaiRo)
  • Jennie Rose Halperin (little_wow)

Agenda / Notes

  • Review community feedback on scope statement:

jswisher comment about mdn vs wikimo is clarifying; let's incorporate

what other words can we use instead of encyclopedic?

  • directory
  • public memory?
  • memory?
  • documented history?

This wiki (, AKA MozillaWiki or WikiMO) is the official public wiki of the Mozilla Project. It is the encyclopedia of the project and is intended to contain comprehensive and dynamic information about Mozilla products, initiatives and sub-projects.

directory of mozilla community, it's project planning, processes and teams.

Etherpad -> MozillaWiki -> MDN Etherpad vs Wiki distinction... dynamic vs static

We should have a process page that describes how to go about starting a new project and that describes the different usecases for Etherpad vs. MozillaWiki vs. MDN. Chris More has done a lot of work in this area:

Encyclopedia Bestpractica: Update this page:

  • ConfirmAccount extension

Friday before last I got so frustrated trying to sift through spam accounts (there are hundreds created per day), I filed to have this extension added. It requires people to request accounts and for those requests to be approved by administrators.

The plugin is active on dev and staging. Please try it:


    • We'll need to adjust content on that page to ask for information meaningful enough to distinguish spam users from legitimate ones, all the why keeping the page user friendly.
  • mozillians profile? need to see to make sure everyone had create an account.
  • something like 'bio' field but with a better description

    • We need to identify a reasonable number of wikimo users with bureaucrat permissions who are willing to be notified of and process account requests
      • (Callek) If this is a daily or weekly digest of "pending requests" I can get a copy otherwise will be too spammy for me.

Next steps:

    • Are there any objections to moving forward with enabling this plugin?
      • Sounds like a good stopgap for now, though I think we should go with Persona login in the longer run (currently, blocked a bit, has comments on that) which is probably also not as easy for spammers (but easy for humans) and even longer-term we could tie that in with Mozillians and only allow vouched people or so (if we want that).
  • Moving forward with a roadmap

By our next meeting, can we come up with a list of top 3-5 things to tackle this year? I've brainstormed a few things to think about for each committee. Please add your ideas!

Research & Development

Systems & Data

  • spam
  • cleaning up content
  • reskinning
  • upgrading


  • teaching people how to use the wiki



  • figuring out the best way to recognize individuals and the work of the wiki working group
  • weekly update at project meeting? X articles edited, top users, etc? to generate interest?
  • badges? +1+1
  • (Sujith) A tweet or a facebook post from Mozilla for being a top contributor? Example: Join Us in congratulating @topcontributor for editing X number of Articles ?

How does that sound?

    • (Callek) I'd be careful of these metrics, editing X number of articles can be copy-edit (spelling/punctuation) mistakes. Or it can be actually editing a single/multiple templates that affect far more pages. Or it can be even more time consuming work by creating whole content trees/reformats that are far more useful. Not a blocker just stuff to keep in mind.


  • quarterly sprints, when we're ready?

Next Steps

  • Lyre, Joelle, Jennie are talking research tomorrow :)

Action Items

Previous Action Items

  • Everyone: Please review and comment on draft Wiki style guide +++ Still looking for comments:
  • Hexmode: Talk with wikimedia developers while in Zurich and find out what effort is involved in creating a new, full-featured theme entirely from scratch.
  • Christie: incorporate today's comments about scope statement and send out for final review. Plan to publish in time for Monday meeting.