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Mozilla Wiki Team Meeting
9 September 2014

= Attendees = 

= Agenda / Notes = 


(put any discussion topics here)

  • just start adding categories to pages (probably will need to iterate and take feedback)
  • thinking of categories as tags (teams can be tags, "meeting notes" can be tags)
  • avoid mimicking the org. structure too much (org structure changes)
  • current wiki seems to use path names (subpage structure) in a hierarchical way
  • getting more categories comes first

  • we have pages that look like namespaces but are not
  • we have namespaces that probably shouldn't be namespaces anymore

= Action Items =

* Let's talk category hacking!

1. We should finish the Categories Whiteboard document because it provides information on a lot of interesting / historic projects
: When you're done, maybe put it on the wiki so that it can be wikilinked and used for maintenance? :) —GPH

2. We need to make a decision on whether we want to collapse the categories with 1 member or just put out a "from here on out" statement in a way that doesn't screw up any workflows (eg. L10n and Remo, or is it ReMo?)
: I'd say, don't worry about how many pages are in which categories before you determine which categories should be a part of the encouraged workflow. Build out your ontology, and then the categories can be shifted to fit. (We never got a chance to really discuss bots, but bots will make any major secretarial changes easy, so no need to worry about workload.) —GPH

3. Is there the possibility to do something like this:, which monitors all pages in a space and could possibly serve the same purpose as a category.
: I'm not sure what the purpose of that list is, but I don't think the talk page is the appropriate place for it. It would do better as a subpage or subsection somewhere, I think. And that list doesn't monitor the subpages; it only lists them. No changes to subpages will trigger the watchlist notification for that page; it is only triggered on content edits, and the content will remain the same. —GPH

4. This is a good example where community wiki gardening/sprints will be awesome.
: Please be on the weekend. :) —GPH