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MozillaWiki started in 2004 and has been a place to document and collaborate on Mozilla project work.

Starting in early 2014 we formed the Wiki Working Group (later MozillaWiki team). Christie led that group on a volunteer basis while on the community building team. Now Christie has joined the MDN team and needs to focus on other projects. Other members of the Wiki Team are also in transition and aren't able to commit to executing our roadmap. At a work week concurrent with Wikimania 2015, the Wiki Team made the hard decision to spin down our active stewardship of the Mozilla Wiki and take proactive steps to ensure...

This transition document is intended to

Current state of things

What have we done to put the wiki into autopilot?
What are the short and long-term implications for Mozilla?
What needs to be done to put the Wiki into full autopilot?

  • MozillaWiki needs new interim module owner.

What's needed in order to fully transition the wiki to a new team?

Everything the next team needs to know


IT is the technical owner of MozillaWiki. This means they are responsible for hosting, deployment and uptime.

The MozillaWiki Team, including module owner and peers are the business owners. This means they are responsible for maintaining and improving the wiki according to its mission statement and purpose:


Product Work

MozillaWiki does not currently have a budget outside of what IT spends to host it.

The work of maintaining and improving MozillaWiki falls into three main categories:

  • product management (content + technical)
  • community management, including developing participation pathways
  • learning and training

Product management tasks include:

  • roadmap development:
    • determining what features to enable/disable
    • implementing technical improvements
  • guiding content organization and development
  • supporting all installed extensions
  • keeping up to date with mediawiki releases
  • maintenance tasks (daily-weekly)
    • account request triage
    • dealing with spam
    • dealing with other content issues, including: page moves, improperly named pages, page protection requests, etc.
  • communications
    • site notices
    • release notes / announcements

Community management tasks include:

  • developing participation pathways (for the wiki? for other areas as well?)
  • facilitating / moderating questions and discussion on talk pages and elsewhere
  • developing advanced users / bureaucrats

Learning and training tasks include:

  • creating and improving wiki user documentation and other learning materials (workshops, videos, etc.)
  • answering questions from wiki users
  • developing and disseminating wiki best practices
  • wikimedia and wikimania

Administrative accounts

There are a number of administrative accounts associated with MozillaWiki. These include:

Google Analytics

File a bug to gain access to the Google analytics dashboard.

We don't know what the credentials are to recaptcha (but a new account api key can easily be generated).

Communication Channels

Module Mailing-list (tools-wiki@)
Admins Mailing-list wikimo-admins@)

Contact Christie for credentials.

Filing Bugs

Bugs for MozillaWiki are filed under Websites >
All bugs | Open bugs

Bugs related to the mediawiki-bugzilla extension are filed under Webtools > mediawiki-bugzilla
All bugs | Open bugs

Source Code

MozillaWiki is deployed from

This repository makes extensive use of git submodules. Mediawiki core as well as most extensions are installed this way. Other extensions are installed using php's composer.

We also have a github organization for MozillaWiki:

This includes repositories for:

The ImportFromEtherpad extension lives in Christie's personal github:

User Groups





Thanks Yous

Members of wiki working group, including those currently and previously active
those who have been approving accounts
people submitting patches to mediawiki extensions
jd and c

  • A note that all these people being thanked can be engaged by a new team to help fill in knowledge gaps, and/or even reengage as participants