Mozilla 2/StatusMeetings/2008-03-26

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These are rough notes from the moz2 meeting which took place 26-March 2008.


  • gcc 4.2 support for mac
    • column information is not provided
    • but otherwise, it looks like JS scripts won't have to change
    • treehydra may be a lot harder, since the GTY() stuff changed a lot between 4.2 and 4.3 (yacc -> custom recursive-descent parser)


  • It works!
  • dmandelin writing analyses and figuring out corner cases

outparam analysis

  • dmandelin to prepare something to land in the tree as warnings, so that we can start asking for volunteers to work on annotations, corrections, etc

cycle-collector analysis

  • inexact by nature -- not something we can automate precisely
  • dmandelin to submit a patch so that the inexact scripts are in the tree

actionmonkey/XPCOMGC merging

  • We are not going to land actionmonkey in mozilla-central until more people other than jorendorff are capable of performing merges
  • XPCOMGC merge pain: discussion with little conclusion other than "bsmedberg and jorendorff to coordinate"
  • List of items to complete for mozilla-central to be open... IT and build items outstanding