Mozilla 2/StatusMeetings/2008-05-21

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  • opening mozilla-central for general checkins is tracking bug 422754
    • some tests orange, again? now filed as bug 435064
    • performance tests show Linux regression. Build team to try and narrow by running the buildbot steps against a FF3RC1 source tree - bug 434085
  • ActionMonkey build on windows fixed, hackily... core bug still open
  • Consolidated post-1.9 planning wiki pages are pending. Damons is merging the work week spreadsheets into a single location tbd.

Status Reports

  • jimb
    • merging TC's MMgc to TT; compiles, many tests pass, still some rooting problems
  • dmandelin
    • reading and documenting tamarin-tracing
  • taras
    • learning/simplifying ESP
  • bsmedberg
    • back! nothing much to report yet... want help with XPCOMGC
  • jorendorff
    • looking at actionmonkey GC regressions still
  • zweinberg
    • still working on 1.9.1 CSS stuff

Discussion Topics

  • items of concern on the 1.9 planning sheet
    • Rework array reflection through IDL -- sounds like an API change that would break extensions for 1.9.1 with little immediate value. Agreement not to change this for 1.9.1
    • Fix proxies for non-threadsafe objects -- do we need this for 1.9.1, or can we instead pound on XPCOMGC which bypasses the problem altogether? Will this and following issues with the content team
    • Reparent tabs -- sounds really scary, especially on a 6-week timeframe
    • content in general? Is everything listed as 1.9.1 really realistic in 6 weeks? Can we early cut and focus on the most important things?
    • JS in general -- we've loaded spidermonkey veterans on 1.9.1 and jorendorff/jimb on actionmonkey... perhaps we should rethink who's working on what so that we have some veterans helping with AM/moz2?
      • What's the relationship of shaver's project to ActionMonkey? So far, complementary. dmandelin expressed concern that the projects don't seem to be related.
      • bsmedberg to continue discussion via email.
  • Please add discussion sessions to Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals: Tracing in general, actionmonkey... ?