Mozilla 2/StatusMeetings/2008-06-25

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Major Feature Updates

  • Video, roc/cdouble:
  • Compositor, roc:
  • JS Tracing:
    • Tamarin nanojit integrated in SpiderMonkey
    • Recording traces for single paths through simple loops
    • Cooperating with Adobe folks on nanojit API and memory management
    • TT has more new String API improvements
  • Acid3, (dbaron out this week): Roc or others, status?
  • SMIL still @ risk? (dholbert)
    • May not have a 100% complete implementation, but we should have a good subset implemented in time for feature freeze
  • SVG fonts at risk?
  • downloadable fonts, jdaggett
    • still working on unifying font code (bug 437356)
    • patch for mac, first cut for windows tomorrow
    • need to get Stuart to evaluate before doing Linux version
    • next step is user font set object to handle downloads (bug 441473)
    • @font-face parsing code will populate this
  • Protected/Low Rights Mode, mconnor/jim:
  • SVG CSS, roc:
  • CSS transforms - keith:
  • pixman/cairo perf, vlad: Out this week as well. Last status:
    • we've got stuff coming from antoine/fred
    • will turn on SSE opts
    • will need ARM stuff
  • offline, dcamp:
    • versioned app caches just about ready for review
    • honzab has opportunistic caching namespaces almost ready
    • need to review localStorage patch

1.9.1 Discussion

  • graph server changes:
    • Anything new since last week?
  • Major progress, wanted1.9.1+ bugs that are in trouble?
    • Layout 1.9.1 Update:
    • Content 1.9.1 Update:
      • Worker Threads, bent, status?:
        • Spec about ready for general consideration. Arun to arrange meetings with Gears folks, others.
        • Basic arch and message passing done.
        • Pause/Resume/Cancel of background JS on page navigation done.
        • Working on timers
        • XHR (minus the 'X') not yet started.
      • Tab reparenting (bz), at risk for 1.9.1?
      • Cross-site XHR, at risk for 1.9.1? What's the current status on the spec and us internally agreeing on what to do?
    • GFX 1.9.1
      • Do we have an update on SVG fonts and/or bz's work to make <img src="foo.svg> possible?
      • Three still assigned to nobody?
      • Vlad, Stuart, and Joedrew off for another half a week (roughly).

JS 1.9.1

JS 1.9.1

Landed some incremental perf wins, 5-10% improvement over 1.9 so far.

  • Need to prioritize/file these.
    • JSObject ops makeover
    • direct threaded interpreter loop on Windows
    • SDK / compiler adjustments on Mac
    • Profile guided input improvements
417131 wip-patch JS Enumeration Allocation Consternation
430133 general@js.bugs Object.defineProperty
421864 wip-patch Interpreter creates too many doubles
433337 Reunify jsinterp.c on Windows
229756 Make SpiderMonkey's const extension JS2/ES4 compatible
260106 wip-patch elisions in array literals should not create properties (js1_5/Array/11.1.4.js)
312354 FIXED Assignment expressions have wrong type (ecma_3/Operators/11.13.1-002.js)
363534 FIXED Combine JSOP_LT and JSOP_IFEQ, etc., pairs
384244 wip-patch update jsdtoa with interesting pieces of more-recent dtoa
433351 Implement Object.extend
305064 general@js.bugs Add trim, ltrim, and rtrim features for javascript strings
352437 general@js.bugs does not escape url
429507 general@js.bugs Function.prototype.bind
411575 review_brendan? js_PutCallObject() is slow.
432881 FIXED SM: JSVAL_VOID as a pseudo-boolean
346749 still_want? let declarations at top level are turned into var declarations
312116 should support catchall getters/setters
419225 wip-patch refactor ExecuteREBytecode and SimpleMatch
430930 Date.parse cannot even parse "2008-04-26" (should understand ISO 8601)
419743 wip-patch JSOP_CONCATN for improved chained-concat performance
433335 mark sharp object avoidance
433336 array iteration optimization


  • Need a query facility, like bonsai. Status?
    • Need pushlog code updated on to use new sqlite backend bug 437637, then pushlog web extension needs query support added bug 437445
  • Cycle times are seemingly slower on moz-central (about an hour slower). Need to look into this. John O to investigate. Status?