Mozilla 2/StatusMeetings/opening mozilla-central/2008-05-28

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Attendees: vlad, joduinn, robcee, bsmedberg, bhearsum

Tracking bug: bug 422754

Codesize test

bug 434844

  • Ben's on it
  • will have it for linux, Mac should come along for free
  • One blocking issue: autosummary script isn't giving numbers
    • Ben digging in to tinderbox code
  • ETA still Thursday/Friday

Performance Regression

  • Resolved!
  • Clobbering build brought numbers back down to normal
  • Machines weren't being clobbered regularily, only full-dep builds were being done
    • bsmedberg looking into setting up nightly clobbers

Orange Linux/Windows Unit Tinderbox

bug 435064

  • robcee moved win32 machine over to moz2 (bug 435907)
    • Seeing a linker failure
    • Should have it resolved by this afternoon
  • Linux coming tomorrow (bug 435905)

Other Perf Issues