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To unlock the next wave of openness and opportunity on the Internet, we need the public to understand and be ready to address the biggest challenges and opportunities that face the Internet today.

Mozilla, our community and our allies need to be clear, compelling voices for a healthy, open Internet. Our goal is to work together to make Internet health mainstream, globally.

Mozilla has identified five Internet health issues that we believe must be tackled in the current era, to build the Internet we want:

The Issues

  • Online Privacy & Security - A healthy internet is private and secure. Internet users should be able to have greater choice over what information they share with what organizations and for what benefit. They should have the freedom to express themselves online without unwarranted surveillance. And, they should be able to safeguard their information against attacks.
  • Open Innovation -A healthy internet is open, so that together, we can innovate. People who want to change the world should be able to build products and understand different points of view through open source code and idea sharing. Copyright and patent laws should be reformed so that in this digital age, they foster collaboration and economic opportunity.
  • Decentralization - A healthy internet is decentralized. There shouldn’t be online monopolies. Instead, big and small businesses — and individuals from around the world — should all be able to contribute to and provide online services. Internet users should be able to reap the benefits of competition and exposure to different ways of thinking.
  • Web Literacy - A healthy internet is shaped by the people. The internet is a place where everyone can have their individual voice. Everyone should have the skills to read, write and participate online. Web literacy should be foundational in education, alongside other areas like problem-solving and creativity. People everywhere should be able to shape the internet to solve for our world’s challenges.
  • Digital Inclusion - A healthy internet is for everyone. People — no matter where they live in the world, their income, their language, the color of their skin, or their gender — should have unfettered access to the internet. They should be able to both consume it and create it so that the internet reflects the diversity of the people who use it.