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Welcome to the Bon Echo Community Test Day!!

We are not quite at beta1, but getting there. In preparation for the beta1 release in early July, we thought it would be fun to flesh out some of the upgrade issues users might face when jumping from earlier versions of Firefox to Bon Echo (code name for Firefox 2.0).

Thank you for participating in this test day. The success of Firefox and Thunderbird is heavily dependent on community members like you. We appreciate your support!!

When you are done, please send feedback to or post significant findings to the Mozilla QA blog ( We are very interested to hear about how the test day went, any overall thoughts about Bon Echo, and roll up of issues found and bugs filed.

The official time for the test day is Friday, June 23, 2006, from 7am - 5pm PDT, but anyone can jump on Litmus at any time on any day!

For more information about this release, please check out the Bon Echo wiki. You will find the current schedule, test plan, and specific areas we can use help testing.


Where do I start?

Other Options of if you don't use IRC:

  • Use Instant Messenger - A moderator will be online under the screen name "MozillaTestDay. Please send your screenname to before the test day and I will add you the chatroom.

Ok, I am in the channel, now what?

  1. Let the moderators know if you have any questions or encounter any problems. If you are not familiar with our bugzilla bug tracking system, feel free to report your problems to a moderator and they can log any bugs for you.

What build should I test?

We will be testing the Bon Echo nightly candidate builds (currently approaching beta1):


What specifically will we be testing?

We will be testing the functionality of upgrading from Firefox 1.5->Bon Echo with a set of extensions that are both compatible/incompatible with 2.0. In preparation for this testing, you should backup or rename your profile and create a fresh profile. Here is some important information - and please make sure to rename or backup your existing profile in order to protect your information.

Testing Instructions

Follow these instructions:

1. Download a Firefox 1.5 build ( and install a set of extensions that are compatible with Bon Echo as well as not compatible. Make sure to restart the browser so the extensions actually install.

  • Compatible extensions: Here is a list of some extensions that are known to be currently compatible with the Bon Echo nightly build - please feel free to try any extensions that you wish - we are trying to cut a wide swath so we want to have you try lots of different extensions (all of these are located under "Top Extensions" on the Addons homepage -
  • DownThemAll
  • ForecastFox
  • StumbleUpon
  • FlashGot
  • NoScript

Make sure to install a bunch of extensions that aren't compatible as well, to make sure we test the compatability check part of extension manager.

Incompatible Extensions: Examples of Extensions that aren't compatible (there are lots more). Each extension on the addons page shows which version(s) of Firefox it is compatible with.

2. Using the same profile, download the nightly Bon Echo page from the link we have provided.

Things to check for/Testing Variations

  • Install an older version of an addons extension in 1.5. When you move to Bon Echo, make sure it finds the update to that extension (if one is available) when you click the update button in the Addons panel.
  • Make sure all your Firefox 1.5 extensions make it over to Bon Echo, and the ones that are not compatible are disabled
  • Basic functionality of Add-ons:
    • Disabling extensions
    • Uninstalling extensions
    • Re-enabling extensions
    • Checking for Updates to extensions
    • Setting Preferences or Options (button functionality)
    • Running this test case in Litmus:

List of Known Extension Manager Bugs:

Where do I find Litmus?

  • Go to Litmus
  • log in and then select run tests
  • You can do a smoketest or a Basic Functional Test, it is entirely up to you!
  • Talk to a moderator if you need help.
  • Please make sure to choose the correct platform when you start your run.

Who will be moderating the #testday channel?

The moderator's nicks are:

  • tracy
  • bc
  • marcia
  • jay
  • davel
  • juanb
  • coop

How do I file bugs?

First of all, let one of the moderators know so they can check if it is already a known problem. Then they can guide you to either provide more details, update an existing bug or file a new bug. If filing a new bug, please do a quick check to see if the bug already exists. This can easily be done by searching for the error message, window name, or some over identifing feature of the bug.

How do I send feedback?

Please use the to send feedback about how the testday went, any overall thoughts about Bon Echo, and roll up of issues found and bugs filed. We really appreciate your help today and your feedback is very valuable.