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Software Update Testing FAQ

Beginning with the 8-25 builds, if you download nightly Firefox and Thunderbird builds (both the branch and trunk) you will automatically be updated to the latest build. If you wish to opt out of this and you don't want to be updated, go into your Preferences and change the pref to "Ask me what I want to do."

Q: I ran "Check for Updates..." from the Help Menu and got a dialog box with AUS: Update XML file not found (404) in bold letters. I clicked on the link so I could go manually download the update. Why did it take me to a Mozilla page saying 403: Access Forbidden?

A: Please see bug: The developers are in the process of deciding what that link should do.

Q: Auto-update progress in the Help menu appears to be spinning forever.

A: Auto-update is design to incrementally download the available update in the background over an extended period of time. (approx. 90 minutes of Deer Park uptime) The developers did this to save user bandwidth and server load.

Q: I am seeing a confusing message in the update dialog; "Deer Park was unable to verify the integrity of the incremental update it downloaded ...."

A: Please see bug: This is happening because the update is found before all of the needed files are available on the mirror. Wait a while and try again later.

Other Known Bugs

Other Known Issues

  • Clicking on the "Details" button doesn't currently show anything
  • Clicking on "Show Update History" in Preferences doesn't currently show anything in Firefox. This is because of the following:
    • "version transition update" means a change from version 1.1 to 1.2, for example. The version of the trunk, development version of firefox is 1.0+, and that doesn't change from nightly build to nightly build. As a result, when you update firefox from one nightly to the next, it does not record it in the update history UI.

How to access about:config in Thunderbird

  • Go to Tools | Options | Advanced
  • Click on the General Tab
  • Click on the Config Editor button to access about:config