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The Mozillians API allows Mozillians to have a better experience on Mozilla sites. Our Mozillians directory for both paid and core volunteer staff can connect Mozilla-related sites and services to profile data as an extension to our first “vouched-status” API offering. For example, we can now offer different access levels to content on Air Mozilla using Mozillians credentials.

API Specification

The API Specification page has full details about how to use the API for your apps.

Sites using the API

Reviewed Applications

Only applications that have met our strict [review standards] can access your profile as if they were a Mozillian. These applications are all listed below:

App Justification
Air Mozilla Requires read access to all of a user's groups to determine if they are authorized to watch certain videos
Mozilla Moderator Requires read access to a user's profile URL and photo. The information is only displayed to signed in, vouched Mozillians.
Mozilla Reps Portal

Vouched Applications

These sites have access to the limited Mozillians API which confirms if an email address belongs to a vouched Mozillian:


How do I get an API key?

You can get a "vouched" or "reviewed" API key by becoming a vouched Mozillian, submitting a bug and meeting all review standards.

What API applications have access to the non-public data I put into

Only applications that have met our strict review standards described below can access your profile as if they were a Mozillian. These Reviewed Applications are all listed above.

What responsibilities does an API application developer have?

The developer must ensure that the application follows the Using API Data guidelines.

What should I do if I discover an application misusing the API or its data?

File a bug in the Community Tools product under Data Complaint.

How can I get a "reviewed" API key?

In order to get a "reviewed" API key you must successfully pass the review process described below.

Process for "Reviewed" API keys

  • File a bug in the Participation Infrastructure :: API Requests component
  • Answer these questions in the bug:
    • Name of your app
    • App URL
    • How you plan to use the API
    • Justification for needing a "reviewed" API key
  • One aspect of review is that your application must be managed by the Mozilla Corporation. This means...
    • Running on Mozilla infrastructure in a Mozilla datacenter (proof: link to bug about standing it up there or webserver headers)
    • Satisfying Mozilla's current data security, data privacy and legal standards for web applications. Proof: link to project review bug or to reviewers we can contact.
  • Another aspect of review is that you understand the API data guidelines, per-field privacy levels, agree to abide by them and agree to perpetuate them. Proof: conversation with application reviewer that satisfies the reviewer.