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On Hold
The development of this tool is currently on hold as the Mozillians team focuses on improving the Phonebook. Please contact the team with any questions.

Mozillians currently hosts more than 300+ events per quarter ranging from small, local meet-ups to large inclusive MozHands. There is no way to sign-up and receive information easily about these events as well as follow-up with actions afterwards. Further, it's difficult for any new contributor to view events across the entire Mozilla community's landscape in one aggregated place (though some try on the Events page). This situation also makes it difficult for community leaders and managers within Mozilla to correctly organize meetups, conferences and other offline/online events. The Events Manager will deliver event creation for community leads who aim to create an offline events, a sortable list of events from various sub-communities and the ability for contributors to Join events created via the application.


  1. Determine participation of our community over various offline events.
  2. Increase participation of our offline events.







  1. Create a social network tied around events.