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We plan to build tools and platforms that add that necessary layer of abstraction that augment our current community platforms, programs and product pages to support Mozilla’s ability to on-ramp, retain and easily organize contributors in the Mozilla Project.

2013 Goals

  • [DONE] Mozillians will have full control over the privacy of their data.
  • [DONE] The Phonebook will get a visual refresh to uses the current Mozilla branding and makes it easier to use the site.
  • [MISSED] Mozillians will have robust profiles that show an individual's accomplishments and badges.
  • [MISSED] The Phonebook will become the single tool that will replace other systems like the Paid Staff Phonebook.


The Mozilla project has grown to support many products and projects over the past year: Firefox (Desktop and Mobile), Thunderbird, Firefox OS, Apps and Identity. These products arrived in quick succession making it difficult to organize, grow, and direct the project’s communities to support them. To ramp-up our organically-created and modestly-supported community to meet the needs of this situation, the Engagement and People teams have begun driving an initiative called Grow Mozilla. It aims to build, develop and enable a global community of paid and volunteer Mozillians to propel our mission and build great products for the web.

Both teams are doing great work in building programs that helps to on-board new contributors, retain them and develop them to become leaders. We’re becoming more organized in how we approach contributor engagement. The Mozilla Reps and Stewards programs have robust infrastructure and people in place to help on-ramp and advise Mozillians at a level we haven't had before. Contributors are finding people responding to their inquiries to get involved and being directed to tasks available via many of our functional areas.

Though, this isn't enough. For the thousands of requests we receive to get involved per month, about 20 end up as contributors. Further, these Stewards and Reps have limited tools at their disposal that come standard in many community-based organizations: they don't know who does what, how much they do it or when they do it across all of our communities. We need to do more to help grow our community's size and involvement that can propel our mission to support our current and future endeavors.