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Simply put, any contributor that wants to find another in the Mozilla Community can use the Phonebook to do that. To do so, they just need to create an account and become "Vouched" by another Vouched Mozillian already in the system. To make that easy as cutting knife through butter, the app should make it entirely easy for contributors to be found. In this wiki, we detail how the Mozillians Phonebook registration process works.

Requesting to Get Involved


The homepage is the first page a user (e.g. registered and non-registered users) likely will see. Its purpose is to explain the benefits of joining We'll need content and images that explain/display what a person can do on the site as well as the benefits that derive from its usage. Ultimately, we want users to sign-in using BrowserId whether they are logging in or registering onto the site.

Create Profile and Matching

After signing in using BrowserId, the user has created a non-vouched account within the system. The next step will have them offering us greater details that help us better link them to a mentor (i.e. a Steward or Rep) within Mozilla. This entails two pages: the current create profile page and a 2nd page that asks for their interests (i.e. Groups) and abilties (i.e. skills).

The groups listed will be automatically populated based off of whether there is at least one "Steward" (i.e. a person tagged to that group) who is grouped to a specified system level group. Skills are intended to be autocomplete-capable text fields.


The last step is the follow-up page where a user can follow-up and get involved into the community on their own while they wait for a Steward/Rep to contact them. From the group's they've selected, meta-data from each group is going to be displayed (e.g. websites, code repositories, IRC channels, and steward’s profiles).

When a user decides to sign-in to the Phonebook in the future, while still as a non-vouched user, they will see only this page. The full functionality of the app will only be available once that user has been vouched by another vouched Mozillian.

Vouching and Responding to Requests

To Stewards and Mozilla Reps (those that are in those groups), the edit profile pane will feature three separate panels to handle the load of incoming requests to get involved.

Vouching Pane

This is pane is available to all users to vouch for (via the autocomplete and search) and invite Mozillians onto the Phonebook app. Users will be able to "Un-Vouch" a user by simply clicking on the close/"X" button next to a previously vouched account. From there, that account will be offered a temporary time period to stay as vouched and find another Vouched Mozillian to vouch for them. If they are not able to find a person to vouch them, their account will go to a non-vouched state.

Received Requests Pane

This pane will show Stewards/Reps a list of non-responded inquiries to get involved by non-vouched phonebook registrants. The inquiries listed are for those who added an Area of Interest/Group that the Steward/Rep is group'd in. Those who can view this pane, will be able to respond via e-mail to one or many of these inquiries through the pane. When a response is sent, the entry will be removed from this list and moved over to the "Responded Requests" pane. All other Stewards/Reps will also see the entry be moved into the "Responded Requests" pane as well.

Responded Requests Pane

Once a contributor has done enough for a Steward/Rep to feel like they are an active part of the community, those Stewards/Reps will have the ability to vouch one or many registrants via this pane. Once an entry has been vouched, they move off of the list and have an e-mail sent noting they are vouched and can access other parts of the app.