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The phonebook is an excellent resource for Mozilla contributor information. We've had a bevy of requests to make that information more widely available to other properties and campaigns. The "Services" feature in the app will be a step forward to making Mozilla Connect profiles to be the one-stop-shop for contributor personas within the Mozilla Project.

Functional Principles

  • Single contributor profile across all of
  • Standardize, Standardize, Standardize
  • Simple Use Cases First


Mozillian Passport

Mozillians currently have a difficult time connecting and getting access to Projects and Products in our community. The Phonebook aims to fix this problem by offering an API that allows developers and apps across the project authorize users as Vouched Mozillians (using the "is_vouched" status within the Phonebook). This will be done in a two-pronged approach due to resourcing constraints:

  1. An API key available on a per-user basis
  2. A token-based API key available to Applications via OAuth

Profile Sharing

Mozillian Phonebook users can opt-in to allow community sites to parse for their Mozillian Profile data. There are two use cases attached to this approach:

  1. When contributors go to a property with a profiling system, they should be offered a way to auto-populate the profiles fields with information already placed onto Contributors will need to opt-in to use the service during registration or as a logged-in user.
  2. For properties, they should be able to use to grab contributor information on a per user (i.e. e-mail address), per group or per location basis.

In order to keep the privacy of Mozillians safe, we'll use an oauth-based approach to allow applications to ask for access to the API as well as an individual user's data.

Targeted Use Cases and Goals


  • Winston Bowden - ExactTarget - Sync up e-mail lists of Vouched Mozillians on Engagement's e-mail messaging tool. He wants to reduce the cost of asking IT to query the Phonebook database and upload those e-mails.
  • Pierros Papadeas - Mozilla Reps Portal - Authorize contributors for greater access to features on
  • Air Mozilla - Authorize contributors to view Vouched-Mozillian-only streaming video.
  • Yammer - Authorize contributors to have access within the "Mozillians" group.


  • Gerv/Byron Jones - Bugzilla - Authorize contributors based on groups and status as those with greater privileges on Bugzilla. Also, they would like to auto-populate profile pics and fields of a Bugzilla user.
  • Taskboard - Authorize contributors for greater access. Populate profiles with Mozillians data. Write data into profiles.
  • Les Orchard - MDN - Authorize contributors with greater access to wiki-editing. Populate profiles with greater amounts of data.


  • Make the single sign-on solution for the Mozilla Project.


Privacy Review

Item Status Time Frame
Land Per-User Vouched API [DONE] Q3 2012
Privacy Controls [ON TRACK] Q3 2012
Profile Data Proliferation (Oauth) [ON TRACK] Q3 2012