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What is it? -- Multiple team meetings, happening in the same city, at the same time + some opportunity to get together as one big group as well as with other teams as it makes sense. Then, on the last day, we have a fun social event for all, Mozilla-style!

The information on this wiki primarily applies to Full time and contractor staff. If you are a volunteer contributor or intern, please inquire to your coordinator.


Dates, Location and Weather

Monday, December 3 - Friday, December 7, 2018 (travel days are Monday the 3rd & Saturday the 8th) in Orlando, FL.

We are staying at Swan & Dolphin.

*For those countries where rest time is required on weekends (vs. work travel), Mozilla will cover a return on the next available work day, if you choose. This needs to pre-approved and pre-arranged.


This is an invite-only event. All full time and Upwork employees are expected to attend this all company event. Contractors, Vendors and seasonal employees are included on a case by case evaluation based upon team needs. If you have not received information about the All Hands, please contact your manager.

Advance registration is required. Attendees will need to wear their event badge at all times, including to evening events. We will have security at our events who will be ensuring everyone in our space should be there.

New Hires

We have a process to identify new hires each Monday and will invite them to book travel. No action necessary from managers other than to let them know about the event. Please work closely with your recruiting manager as they are aware of all deadlines.

All new hires must have a start date of November 16 and able to register/book travel by November 1.

Volunteer contributor participation

The process for this is outlined on this page.

All nominations will be done by employees, with a coordinator from each of the Firefox, Emerging Technologies, Marketing, Open Innovation and Operations parts of the organization. There will be no open call for nominations from volunteer Mozillians.

Please note: The information on this wiki primarily applies to Full time and contractor staff. If you have questions about how specifics apply to you, please email and

Week at a Glance


  • Monday is primarily your travel day. You'll be able to pick up your registration stuff between 1:00 pm and 10:00 pm, as well as attend the
  • Welcome Reception from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm.


  • Centrally located breakfast (incl guests) & lunch (no guests)
  • Evening out to enjoy Orlando (or any part of Disney World should you purchase passes).


  • Centrally located breakfast (incl guests) & lunch (no guests)
  • Demos - we'll have demos during lunch. List of who will be there soon!
  • All company evening event at Kennedy Space Center (incl guests)


  • Centrally located breakfast (incl guests) & lunch (no guests)
  • Evening out to enjoy Orlando (or any part of Disney World should you purchase passes).


  • Centrally located breakfast (incl guests) & lunch (no guests)
  • Closing event at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios from 8:30 pm - 12:00 am. We'll have transportation to/from the venue and hotel. Note: there are camera restrictions for this park. You are limited to one DSLR. Tripods and flash/light attachments are not permitted.


  • Centrally located breakfast (incl guests)
  • Departure day only. No scheduled activities.

Mozlando All Hands Event Calendar

Coming soon:

Don't see stuff for your org yet? Don't fret! The schedule changes regularly as meetings and events are confirmed. Keep checking back.

Create an account

We don’t recommend using the same email & password as anything like bank accounts, etc. We care about your security!

If you already have a Sched account from past All Hands, it still works, just log in with that.

Add items to your calendar

Select the circle on any agenda item to add it to your calendar (you do need to have an account & be logged in to do this)

You can also share a link to meetings to invite others. Go into the meeting and copy the short link. You can email that out to anyone and they can quickly add it to their calendar.

Subscribe to GCal Calendar Link

Click on the mobile phone on the right hand side of the screen. All the calendar options are available here. You have the option to choose ALL meetings or YOUR meetings. Unless you have 400 items on your calendar, just select your calendar. It will add anything on your calendar to your GCal (also an option for Outlook and iCal). It syncs once per day.

The "only syncs once per day" only applies to Google Calendar. With almost all other clients (like Apple Calendar, Outlook, or the calendar app on your phone) you can set the refresh interval, and Sched's instructions recommend 1 hour.

Warning: This is a link that utilizes your username for the .ics file.

From Mobile

Visit from any mobile device - bookmark or add to your homescreen for quick access. There is a bonus icon you get by doing this. It caches the last time you opened the page offline and refreshes anytime you are connected.

Cool things


We have filtering functionality. You can filter by: Departments (ex: Product Org) AND Functional Teams (ex: Firefox Addons)

  • Search by Room, Speaker/Leader

Further Filtering

  • Audience - who should be there (ex: Team only or Invite)
  • Homerooms (you can quickly see what is happening in homerooms, by team) - why do you care? If you have a cross team meeting in their room, its a quick way to search
  • Views - Lots of view options. It defaults to the simple view, but there are quite a few options.

Food, Drink & Events

Breakfast, lunch & snacks will be provided and paid for centrally for attendees. Breakfast is provided Tuesday - Saturday and lunch is provided Tuesday - Friday. Menus are here.

Allergies/preferences: We will ensure that all food/environmental allergies are taken into consideration and will always have gluten-free and vegan options. If you have severe allergies that we need to know about; you can indicate in registration.

Hosted Evening Events

We have evening events on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

Monday Night Welcome Reception

6 pm - 9 pm, Palm Tree Causeway + Lake Terrace (area between 2 hotels)

Wednesday Night at Kennedy Space Center

Getting there

Shuttles depart from the Dolphin hotel. We'll gather near registration (lobby level, near convention entrance) and will start a line down the hall. There will be people and signs directing you. Shuttles will start loading at 6:15 pm. The last shuttle will load and leave at 6:45 pm, don't miss it. It is about an hour drive to Kennedy Space Center.

Shuttles will return shuttles starting at 9:00 pm - they will depart from a different location than where you were dropped off, so follow signs and staff. Due to the length of drive, buses will not depart until they ate full. The last departure returning will leave at 10:40 pm.

NOTE: The only way to access the event is via our shuttles.

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis, Heroes & Legends, Nasa Now and Next, and more.
  • Meet Astronaut Bob Springer.
  • Both Gift shops (in NASA Central and Space Shuttle Atlantis) will be open during our event, from 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm. You'll receive 10% off your purchase.

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Salad, Chicken and Waffles, Chili, Asian Cuisine, Mac & Cheese, Tacos and Dessert (including Space Dots!)

What to wear

A wristband + name badge is required to access transportation and the event. Wristbands will be distributed on Wednesday - stop by the desk anytime 7 am - 5 pm to pick it up. Photo ID will be required for beer/wine. Otherwise, wear in whatever makes you happy and comfortable. Costumes are not allowed at KSC. This is an indoor and outdoor venue and layers are recommended -- temperatures drop once the sun goes down (which will happen before we get there).


Guests will require a wristband, guest badge and photo ID (for beer/wine). Please make sure to pick up for pre-registered guests by 5:00 pm Wednesday.


You will need to pass through a metal detector to enter the event. All bags will be searched. This is normal protocol for Kennedy Space Center.

Note: Smoking is only permitted in designated areas (near the T-38 Talon Jet).

Friday Night at Wizarding World of Harry Potter (at Universal)

Pre-Event Gathering - 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm - Dolphin Hotel, Atlantic Hall A few bites before we head to Universal. We don’t want any cranky muggles.

Event at Universal

8:30 pm - 11:30 pm Enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™—two lands of groundbreaking thrills and magical fun in Universal's Islands of Adventure™ and Universal Studios Florida™. In one land, visit the wizarding village of Hogsmeade™ and explore the wonders of Hogwarts™ castle and beyond. In the other, experience the mysteries, excitement and well-known establishments of Diagon Alley™. Travel between both lands with an amazing journey aboard the Hogwarts™ Express*.

For more on the background of Harry Potter, go here.

Getting to/from the event

Shuttles depart from the hotel. Lines will start in Atlantic Hall (where the pre-reception is). Shuttles will start loading at 7:30 pm and depart 7:45 pm (and go until everyone gets there, last shuttle at 8:30 pm). Shuttles will return shuttles starting at 9:30 pm - they may depart from a different location than where you were dropped off, so follow signs and staff. The last departure returning will leave at 11:40 pm.

NOTES: [1] The only way to access the event is via our shuttles. [2] The parks close at 6:00 pm and the only way to access them is via our shuttle (because we are going in a back gate and not the main entrance).


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm British fare served in both parks. Check out the Leaky Cauldron and Three Broomsticks, as well as carts throughout. Butterbeer (of course!)


Rides Rides will be open 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm. Queue lines may close prior to event end time to accommodate those in line.

  • Hogwarts Express (King’s Cross & Hogsmeade stations)
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  • Flight of the Hippogriff
  • Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts


  • Frog Choir
  • Triwizard Spirit Rally
  • Tale of the Beedle Bard
  • Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees

Shopping Shops will be open in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, including Ollivanders, fine makers of wands since 382 BC.

What you need

A wristband + name badge is required to access transportation and the event. Wristbands will be distributed on Friday - stop by the desk anytime 7 am - 5 pm to pick it up. Photo ID will be required for beer/wine. Once inside a badge is not required.

What to wear

Come as a wizard, a muggle or whatever makes you the happiest.

What not to wear: Masks (or anything that covers your face), fake weapons (wands okay).


You will need to pass through a metal detector to enter the event. All bags will be searched. This is normal protocol for Univseral Studios.

Tuesday & Thursday Night Dinners

You'll be on your own for Tuesday & Thursday and will have a similar expense policy from San Francisco ($60/night - $120 total to include food, beverage, transportation, exchange fees, etc). We will not be providing park passes or Disney gift cards.

Here is how this will work:

For both of these evenings, once your meetings have concluded, you and your team, friends, new acquaintances, are free to explore and to find somewhere great to eat that suits you. Each of you can expense a total of $120 over the two days (or $60/night).

This amount includes:

  • Meal cost, including tax & gratuity
  • Any beverages
  • Transportation to/from the restaurant
  • Conversion fees (for credit cards) or cash withdrawal fees

Anything over the $120 for the two evenings will be your own expense. The fine print:

  • If your team is hosting an evening event 1 of the nights and the payment is coordinated (meaning, you don’t have to open your wallet and pay), you can expense up to $60 for the other night.
  • You will be asked (later) to submit an Mozlando only expense report. You can submit ONE report for Orlando only and must be submitted no later than December 31, 2018.
  • No expenses over $60 per night will be approved.

Volunteer Contributors will have a separate process that will be communicated directly.

Groups, Restaurants & Reservations
  • Group dinners - The only option for group dinners will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Orlando. All large (eight or more people) reservations must go through Lisa Carlson (email and dinners must stay within the per diem per night ($60pp including, food, beverage, tax, gratuity and transportation), and employees attending must not also expense their per diem for that night.

Teams (or individuals) can use free Disney transportation included in our hotel package to Disney Springs to access restaurants there or eat at any of the restaurants around the hotel and Disney Boardwalk (within walking distance). If teams decide to eat dinner at a non-theme park restaurant in Orlando, travel to the city must be included as part of the $60pp per diem budget allocation (as opposed to an additional allowable expense).

In no case should employees expense or use MoCo corporate cards to cover purchases of alcohol outside of team dinners or the $60pp individual per diem.

  • All restaurants in Orlando recommend advance reservations.

The hotel has several onsite restaurants.

  • DisneyWorld has a searchable database of all of their restaurants - by park (ticketed or not) + cuisine, dining type, price range and rating.
Disney Park Passes

We will not be providing Disney Park Passes for evenings. Purchase discounted passes here and for more information, see here.

Safety & Security

Alcohol at Events

To better support and sustain an environment (and workplace culture) where people feel safe and included, we have made a set of changes regarding alcohol at our events. In all cases, our approach aligns with our Community Participation Guidelines (“CPG”).

  • All participants are required to read and acknowledge our new Community Participation Guidelines as a condition of participation.
  • We will limit bar-servings to beer and wine and ensure an equal number and quality (i.e. not just Coke) of non-alcoholic drink options are available and displayed.
  • Team dinners should be thoughtful about the potential exclusionary nature of alcohol when planning.
  • Clearly outlined, communicated (to event teams, HR and managers) and understood escalation process for behavior that might be deemed counter to the spirit of our CPG.
Device Security

If you are traveling to the Mozlando All Hands with a device that has Mozilla data (laptop, personal cell phone/tablet with @mozilla gmail, etc) on it and your device has been retained for further inspection by border agents, or if your device has been inspected outside your immediate presence - and you believe your credentials have been compromised - you must notify the Enterprise Information Security team as soon as possible at or by calling Mozilla End User Services at +1 650-963-8811. (This number will be staffed 24x7)

We will work with you to reset your credentials and help you get your device back to a known good state either by getting you a new one (if it’s been taken), or by resetting it back to a verifiable Mozilla-approved installation.

Physical Security

Badges are required to access all meeting spaces and evening events.


Hotels are reserved during registration. Mozilla will pay for your hotel room with a check in date of Monday, December 3 and a check-out of Saturday, December 8. A link to self-book any pre/post stays at your hotel will be available, should that be part of your plan. Please do not book your hotel through Egencia.

Payment on Check-in

Everyone will be required to present a form of payment on check-in for incidentals. This is a US hotel standard and we aren't able to waive it (we tried). Upon check-in, the hotel will place a $100 pre-authorization hold on your credit card for any incidentals you may incur during your stay. Upon departure, the hold on your credit card will be removed.

We recommend providing a credit card. You can provide a debit card, but they do put a hold of funds on your card and has been problematic for some international travelers in the past. If you are not able to provide a credit or debit card, email and we'll work with the hotel on accommodating.

Early Check-in or Late Check Out

Check in begins at 4:00pm. If you arrive before this time, you may preregister at the Front Desk. Should your room not be available, the Bellstand can assist you in storing your luggage while you begin to enjoy the amenities of the Resort. For Guests in need of a place to freshen up, the health studios offer shower and locker facilities. Please note that the hotel is unable to guarantee early check-in.

On the day of your departure you can continue to enjoy our world class amenities. Checkout time is at 11:00am. Should you require storage for your luggage, our Bellstand will be more than happy to assistance. For Guests in need of a place to freshen up, the health studios offer shower and locker facilities. To request a departure time later than 11am, please contact our Guest Services department at 0 on your in room telephone the day before your departure. Please note that the hotel is unable to guarantee late check-out in advance.

Early Departure

Early departure is available for a fee. The fee is equal to one night's room rate plus applicable taxes. Please inform the front desk of changes to your departure information by midnight on day of arrival and notify us at If you have booked your stay through an outside vendor (for pre/post), please consult the company with their cancellation policies as they may differ from the resort.


Links to self-book any pre/post stays - pre (Nov 30, Dec 1-2) & post nights (Dec 8-10) - were emailed in August, or as part of your invitation to book travel. If you did not receive the links, or lost the email with them, email


The Mozlando 2018 Egencia portal opened in late August and booking instructions were be emailed to anyone approved to attend. The deadline to book travel was September 14. New hires will have individual deadlines based upon hire/start date.

Specific instructions were emailed to you about how to book, as we have a new process for anyone based outside the US, Canada & Central/South America. You will NOT be booking your All Hands travel in the new country based site.

Should you need to reach someone for special circumstances or changes that can't be done online:

  • Call: +1 (877) 264-1622 or +1 (417) 521-0273; Hours of operations are Monday – Friday (except holidays) 5:00 AM– 5:30 PM PST or 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM EST (2 pm - 11 pm UTC). If you call outside these hours, you will get an after hours agent, who may not be as helpful.
  • Email: The email is monitored Monday - Friday.

Important Details: Everyone should plan to arrive in Orlando on Monday, December 3rd and leave on Saturday, December 8th. Anyone who plans to arrive ahead of that or to stay longer, regardless of the reason, must follow the "arriving early/departing late guidelines." These guidelines also apply if you want to fly in or out of airports other than your home airport and Orlando (anything custom). A few notes:

  • If you are a vendor (paid by a company other than Mozilla or Upwork), contractor, or seasonal staff, your manager must confirm your participation before you will be able to book travel. You will receive a separate email shortly if you have already been approved.
  • Volunteers will be handled separate from this process.
  • We work closely with Recruiting to ensure new hires are invited after their start date. No need to let us know about these.
  • If you would like to invite someone who is a business partner, facilitator or some other category that isn't an employee or volunteer (not a personal guestfamily), email
  • Change fees will be covered by Mozilla for business reasons only.

Arriving Early/Departing Late Guidelines

Our standard travel guidelines apply (pre-populated in Egencia) when booking with a few additional budget constraints. Anything booked outside of them will require approval. Most people will arrive on Monday, December 3 and leave on Saturday, December 8. Here are some exceptions:

  • If you live in a country where work travel is prohibited on weekends, you may travel on Friday, November 30 and Monday, December 10, if you’d prefer (not required). For hotel, you will book and pay on your own, and expense the manager approved amount (which is coded to your cost center).
  • If you live in a country where work travel is prohibited on Sunday, you may travel on Saturday, December 1 and Saturday, December 8, if you’d prefer (not required). You will get your Monday, December 3 and 10 off. For hotel, you will book and pay on your own, and expense the manager approved amount (which is coded to your cost center).
  • If you plan to spend some extra personal time in Orlando or nearby (choosing to arrive before Monday, December 3 or depart after Saturday, December 8), you'll need to create an itinerary in Egencia for standard dates/locations within the Mozlando 2018 Portal and compare to the custom dates/locations you'd like. Please share the difference via email to or through the approval comment box when you submit the flight. You can sway up to +$100 over and Mozilla will cover it. Otherwise you'll need to come with an alternate itinerary that fits within the pricing (like a round trip in and out of MCO w/ longer dates, and you personally book & cover the rest). We do not have the ability for employees to reimburse Mozilla for any overage. This scenario also applies for routing through different airports to/from Orlando than your home airport (ex. a layover in Chicago for a few days, or flying out of MIA instead of MCO). In all cases, flights in and out of Orlando should be booked via Egencia.
  • If you are attending the Sunday/Monday CI event (by invite), you can arrive on Sunday, December 2.
  • If you would like to arrive early to recover from jetlag, you will need manager approval for any additional costs associated with the extension. There is no unilateral "All Hands" approval based upon timezone to arrive early. For hotel, you will book and pay on your own, and expense the manager approved amount (which is coded to your cost center). This policy does not apply to volunteer contributors, any jetlag recovery costs must be self funded.

Booking Family Travel

Whether your family will accompany you on your flight or join us later; and you have two options: direct with the airline (recommended) or through Egencia.

Direct (recommended):

First, figure out which flights you want to be on as an employee in Egencia. Hold them in Egencia. Find the flights you want for your family on the airline site and book them. Go back to Egencia and book your flights. Once you have both sets of confirmation numbers, call the airline and ask them to LINK your two reservations. This shows that you are traveling together and shouldn't be moved. When you call, you can also ask the airline agent to assign seats together. By booking your family direct on the airline, it gives them "priority" with the airline over people who book via a third party (expedia,, kayak, etc). These aren't guarantees, but they do help.

Via Egencia:

We do not recommend booking family through Egencia. If you'd like details about how to do it, please email


  • If your family is arriving on a different flights than you but would like to take advantage of the airport shuttles on Sunday/Monday and/or Saturday, please email their itinerary to
  • No matter how you book, give yourself a lot of time at MCO on departure. This airport can chaotic (almost everyone leaving is a family with young kids) so not being in a hurry helps stress-levels.
  • We are unable to accommodate volunteer contributor families/guests.

Not Flying

Self-parking overnight is $23 plus tax per day. Valet parking overnight is $33 plus tax per day. Mozilla will not reimburse for valet parking.

Travel Insurance

Mozilla provides emergency medical accident and illness cover for all global MoCo & MoFo employees/interns and their dependents. You can view more information on Mana. This coverage begins at the time the you leave home to start your business trip. It also has a provision for a 14 day extension for leisure travel outside of the business travel. If you have additional questions, please email

Mozilla does not cover travel insurance for elancers, upworkers, contractors, vendors, or volunteers/community members.

Air Travel Fine Print

Change fees will be covered by Mozilla for business reasons only. If you need a change and have manager approval, email prior to requesting the change with Egencia. Once you have approval, call Egencia to make the change at +1 (702) 939-2530 or +1-877-264-1622 (note this will not be possible without prior approval so be sure to get that by way of an email from your manager to Brianna Mark). If you are changing for personal reasons, the change in airfare, change fee and Egencia fee is your responsibility.

Mozilla will not reimburse for Business/First class upgrades or tickets. Mozilla Frequent Flyer perks do not apply for All Hands.

Any submitted expenses needs to have an itinerary attached to ensure it is employee expenses only and within policy.

Ground Transportation

Airport Shuttle

All Mozillians and guests who have flights arriving between 15:00 and 22:00 on Sunday, December 2 and anytime 00:00 - 23:59 on Monday, December 3rd in Orlando International Airport (MCO) and out on Saturday, December 8th, will be transferred to/from the hotel. If you arrive into another airport; or on a different date - ground transportation is on your own. If your family is arriving on different flights than you but would like to take advantage of the shuttles on Monday & Saturday, email their itinerary to

Arrivals to Orlando Int’l Airport (MCO)

Everyone will be greeted in Baggage Claim (regardless if you check a bag). At the bottom of the escalator in the baggage claim level, look for a greeter holding up a Mozilla/Mozlando sign. Please identify yourself to the greeter and they will direct you to the shuttles. Transfer time from the airport to the hotel is approximately 20 minutes.

For Domestic Arrivals

Upon arrival, proceed to the baggage claim area of your respective airline. There are two separate baggage claims – A or B. Please listen for the announcements from your airline flight attendants or while you are on the shuttle from the gates to the main terminal, for your baggage claim. Once you exit past Security, look to the left and right to see the large A or B to find your respective baggage claim.

For International Arrivals

Upon arrival, you will proceed thru Customs. Some International flights allow you to take your luggage directly from Customs to the main terminal and some require you to put it on the luggage carousel and re-collect it in the main baggage claim. Regardless if you collect your luggage at Customs or not, you have to take the shuttle to the main terminal. Once there, please proceed down the escalator to the Baggage Claim, Level 2. (Do not go directly to Level 1.)

Departures from Dolphin Hotel to Orlando Int’l Airport (MCO)

Everyone departing on Saturday, December 8th, will receive shuttle transportation to MCO. You will be met by transportation staff in the hotel lobbies and assisted onto the shuttles. More details about departures will be sent via email.

Regardless of international or domeestic, plan to depart the hotel 3 hours prior to your flight time.

Bringing family?

If you are bringing family and are all arriving on Monday, December 3rd and departing Saturday, December 8th, you may all use our company-arranged transportation provided you request it ahead of time (for your guests). You will do this during registration.

Arriving early and/or leaving late (w/ or w/out family)?

If you arrive other than December 2 (15:00 - 22:00) or December 3rd (00:00 - 23:59) or depart other than December 8th (00:00 - 23:59), with or without guests, you will have to cover and arrange your own ground transportation, to and from MCO, including rental cars and parking.

Recommended Airport Shuttle: Mears Transportation Loading is on Level One at the airport, clearly marked, and the shuttle makes 1-3 stops at hotels in the same proximity.

Additional help is here:



The Monday Night reception is at the Swan & Dolphin hotel, accessible by elevators and escalators.

Details on accessibility at Kennedy Space Center (Wednesday Night) can be found here: Rentals and equipment are not be available during our event. All parts of the venue are accessible by elevator or ramp.

Details on accessibility at Universal Studios (Friday Night) can be found here:, as well as additional information for motorized scooters here: Hogwarts Express is wheelchair and scooter accessible.

Listen Systems

We will have Listen Systems available for the Plenary on Tuesday. Visit the AV booth at the back of the room to pick one up.


Two single stall non-gendered bathrooms are available on the lobby level of the meeting space near Australia 1 & 2. If you need help finding, just stop by the registration desk as they can be hard to fine.


Any questions on immigration should be sent to

If you are from a country that requires a B-1/B-2 business visitor visa to enter the US, please plan for it early as government processing times constantly change.

Please visit the following website to learn more about the visa application process and timing for your country: Current estimated processing times at the US Embassies and Consulates abroad can be found at:

Some travelers may be eligible to travel to the United States without first applying for a B-1/B-2 visa, if they are eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP or "ESTA"). You are eligible to apply for admission under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) if you:

  • Intend to enter the United States for 90 days or less for business, pleasure or transit
  • Have a valid passport lawfully issued to you by a Visa Waiver Program country:
  • Have authorization to travel via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization:
  • Arrive via a Visa Waiver Program signatory carrier (all commercial airlines meet this requirement)
  • Have a return or onward ticket
  • Travel may not terminate in contiguous territory or adjacent islands unless the traveler is a resident of one of those areas
Employee Travel FAQ

This FAQ addresses questions about how to handle security concerns and electronic devices at the border and how to engage with US Customs & Border Protection (CBP). While it specifically focuses on concerns related to travel to the United States, much of this guidance is applicable to travel elsewhere. Mana access required.

Pocket Letter

A pocket letter is recommended to keep on hand for those who are entering the United States. It should accompany you whether or not you are required to have a visa to enter. You may request a copy of that letter when you register. Please contact if you require a specific letter for your visa application or if you have any questions regarding your citizenship, visa capabilities or travel related questions.

ESTA Point of Contact

In the ESTA application you need to give a "U.S. Point of Contact Information".

Please list Casey McGill as your US Point of Contact. Address: 331 East Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94041 Phone: 918.812.0971

Mozlando 2018 All Hands Expense Policy

1. All "All Hands" Expenses must be submitted on 1 (and only 1) Expense report (e.g. Mozlando All Hands Expense Report). Each expense must be tagged with "Orlando 2018"

2. It must contain only those expenses relative to the All Hands Event in Orlando. For Tuesday and Thursday evenings, you can expense a total of $120 over the two days (or $60/night). This amount includes: Meal cost (including tax & gratuity), any beverages, transportation to/from the restaurant; and conversion fees (for credit cards) or cash withdrawal fees. Anything over the $120 for the two evenings will be your own expense. If your team is hosted an evening event 1 of the nights and the payment is coordinated, you can expense up to $60 for the other night. Expenses over $120 will not be approved, as well any expenses for Monday, Wednesday or Friday as we provided food and drink at the full team events. Exceptions for Monday night if you were rained out before you could get food; or if you were on bus #12 on Wednesday.

3. If your submitted expense report for All Hands is submitted outside these guidelines, it will be rejected and you will be asked to re-submit with only All Hands Expenses

4. The deadline to submit the Orlando All Hands Expense Report is December 31, 2018.

5. Expenses related to team events, parking, room service, mini-bar charges, and food/drink costs above the vouched amounts, will not be approved.

The intention of our all hands are to centrally organize a structure that includes:

  • Meals (3 evenings + breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks Tuesday - Friday)
  • Transportation
  • Accommodations

Expenses submitted can not exceed the approved amounts. Any social events that are not part of our central plan will generally be self-organized and funded by participants.

Cell phone reimbursement policy

Cell phone reimbursement must be approved by your manager prior to submitting the expense. Teams will decide for their staff what is appropriate to expense.

Internet reimbursement policy

Internet will be provided in all guestrooms and meeting space in all hotels. If you opt to upgrade/add service, those costs are not reimbursable, unless previously approved by your manager and are for business reasons.

If you have questions about any of this, please reach out to

Families/Guests in Orlando

Of course our focus, for the majority of the week, will be on Mozilla. Everyone is expected to be present and engaged each day, during work hours (as your schedule dictates). Please do what you can to make sure your loved ones understand the kind of commitment you’ve made.

Please note that what are able to do for families varies by each location.

Please note: we are unable to accommodate volunteer contributor families/guests.

Quick summary logistics

Air Travel

Employees do need to book via Egencia regardless of how families are booked. See Air Travel above for specifics and recommendations.


They are welcome to stay with you, however, any additional room expenses will be yours to cover. All room rates are based upon single occupancy and costs to add guests vary by hotel. Breakfast is not included in any of the guest room rates.


Family members who are registered for the event and registered with the hotel are invited to join us for breakfast each morning. Breakfast will be provided on Tuesday, December 4th - Saturday, December 8th.

Lunch & Dinner

Family will be on their own for lunch daily and dinner on Tuesday & Thursday.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Night Events

Family members who are registered for the event and registered with the hotel, are invited to join us for our three evening events.

Family Friendly Activities

The hotel offers several options and child specific options.

Daytime Childcare Services

We have limited availability for childcare in Orlando Tuesday Dec 4 - Friday Dec 7 from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. It is $10 an hour per child. Registration deadline is Nov 26, but additional space may be available depending on staffing. Additional information, resources and contact here:

Evening Childcare Services

Camp Dolphin is available nightly from 5:00 pm - 12:00 am. Reservations are required for Camp Dolphin's evening program. The cost is $12 per hour, per child. A kids meal from Picabu can be included for an additional $10. Here is the FAQ.

Discounted Disney Park Passes

This site will EXPIRE for Advance Purchase Sales on December 2, 2018.

These "Meeting and Convention" tickets offer advance purchase savings of 10% on our Full-Multi-Day (2 days or longer) Tickets and include one (1) complimentary +1 FUN visit to an additional Disney Experience at any one (1) of the following (additional details are listed on the website):

  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • Disney’s Winter Summerland or Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Courses (before 4 p.m.)
  • Greens Fees for one round of golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, our 9-hole walking course

The site also contains our partial-day tickets, which are discounted off of our full 1-Day tickets. "Meeting and Convention" Tickets purchased here will be valid from November 27 - December 14, 2018.

Please note, the ticket prices on the ticket store reflect any applicable discounts and include tax. These tickets are not available for purchase to the general public and are not sold at our theme park ticket windows. Since these Meeting & Convention partial-day and multi-day tickets are not available for purchase at our Theme Park Ticket Windows, you are only able to purchase them here:

Discounts do not apply for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom (each Sun, Tue, Thur, Fri in December).

Disney FastPasses

All of the Meeting & Convention tickets include the ability to pre-select up to three FastPasses per theme park visit day. Details on how to create a My Disney Experience Account and pre-select FastPasses can be found here: under PLAN YOUR VISIT tab.

Extracurricular Activities

Costs for these activities are self-funded and can not be expensed. Feel free to add activities and invite others.