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NPAPI Documentation


The NPAPI SDK includes recommended NPAPI header files plus sample plugins and utility code. The header files are used to develop NPAPI plugins and browsers. Browser vendors typically have a copy of these headers in their source tree and we are working on standardizing them (the major differences are source-compatibility issues).

Click here to get the SDK.

NPAPI Specification Efforts

The plugin-futures Mailing List

The plugin-futures mailing list is where we discuss the evolution of NPAPI. This mailing list is for discussing the evolution of the API itself, primarily by plugin and browser developers. It is not a plugin developer tech-support list or a place for bug reports or complaints about specific plugins.

You can subscribe here, all subscriptions require approval which can take minutes to days. As of March 2010, the list archives are available to the public. The plugin-futures mailing list uses this wiki for specifications.

Making an NPAPI Extension Proposal

If you would like to submit an NPAPI proposal please document it in a page on this wiki and place a link below in the "NPAPI Specifications Under Consideration" section. Use the same formatting as other proposals. Then email the plugin-futures mailing list about your proposal, including a link to the wiki page.

If you would like to modify an accepted proposal, please document the change as a new proposal and email plugin-futures (see above). Once the change is agreed upon, the proposal can be removed and the changes made to the accepted proposal. This does not apply to minor text updates and clarifications, but certainly to any functional changes.


Accepted NPAPI Specifications

Most recently accepted specifications at the top.

NPAPI Specifications Under Consideration


Past NPAPI Specification Proposals

These are specifications which are not currently being considered for inclusion in NPAPI. They can be re-considered if they are re-proposed via the above process.

Plugin Compatibility Notes

This page contains compatibility notes for released versions of plugins.