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We need to improve the offline application cache. The priority is speed.


These are the owners/maintainers who will do most of the work.

  • Jason Duell
  • Honza Bambas
  • Andreas Gal

Ben Turner should review sqlite usage.


In priority order:

  1. 751754: Allow separation between the update-available and start-download states in appcache (close to land)
  2. 794663: Allow downloading appcache for a specific appid/browserflag (close to land)
  3. 730424: window.applicationCache.status not getting updated when resources finish loading (needs r from Jason)
  4. 654081: Remote @font-face fails when used with appcache
  5. Dromaeo regression caused by bug 753990
  6. 722683: The request that fetches the HTML5 manifest file doesn't send cookies from main domain when third-party cookies are disabled (needs r from Jason)
  7. 744713: Add support for putting "total size" into appcache manifest