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Introduction to Mozilla Nepal Mozilla Nepal is a community formed with an aim to gather all the past, present and future Mozilla contributors from Nepal. It is working with collaboration with FOSS Nepal community as Mozilla Project also is a FOSS Project. The main goal of this community is to help the Mozilla Project in any ways we can. It may be by developing, promoting, translating, helping etc.


Our objective is to contribute to Mozilla Project as a team, as Mozilla Nepal, instead of individual contributions.There are even more capable and interested people here. Our main focus is to gather such people and show them proper path to accomplish their targets. We want to make this community friendly enough for the new contributors to feel comfortable and energetic. We have started to spread the words of Mozilla Project in any ways we can; from social networks, from mailing lists, from blog posts, etc.

"Yes to privacy, yes to open web"

General Informations

About Community

Areas of Contributions

How to be a contributor

How to get started

WebMaker tools

Firefox Student Ambassadors


Mozilla Nepal 5th Anniversary and Meetup

1. Past Events

2. Event Blogs & Reports

Important Links:

1. Localization Style Guide

Communication Channels

1. Telegram

We use Telegram as our primary communication channel. You can read more about Telegram here. To be added to Mozilla Nepal's Telegram group, please ping @avasz in Telegram. We are not publishing the telegram group invite link to prevent spams.

2. Mailing List

Our mailing list is one of the main channels

3. Facebook Group

Join our facebook group here

4. Facebook Page

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6. Twitter

5. IRC


Contacting Us