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The Necko team is responsible for the fundamental network protocols and features like HTTP, QUIC, caching, and DNS. Most of our documentation resides on the firefox-source-docs/networking section, and our focus is to make it an accessible and easy-to-browse source of truth for our networking stack. This page serves as an extension to guide through the documentation and as a place to draft pages not yet ready to be in firefox-source-docs, but already useful on their own. At some point, all pages about networking in the wiki are intended to be lifted to firefox-source-docs.

Getting started


The general Getting started section will get you through most. Finding good first bugs in the networking component:

If you have any question, you can reach out to us via matrix at


When to use Networking/Necko:

  • Networking: Name of the component. Used in Bugzilla component/firefox-source-docs/wiki when describing the technical part.
  • Necko: Name of the team. Used primarily in the wiki to describe the people working on the Firefox networking component.

Team resources


This page provides a list of Necko documents that offer valuable information to newcomers. While some of these documents may have been initially created in Google Docs for ease of collaboration, we recognize that they may become difficult to manage as they mature. As a result, we recommend moving them to a more permanent location in firefox-source-docs or the wiki. This collection covers a range of topics related to Necko, from Necko internals to API usage.

Editing firefox-source-docs

To submit small documentation changes to the networking component, you can reference Bug 1773234 in the commit message. For example:

Bug 1773234 - Fix spelling in networking docs r=#necko

And replace the description with the actual changes done in the commit. For simple changes review is not required<ref>Managing Documentation</ref>

Code Review Policy

Patches against Mozilla's networking code must be reviewed by the module owner or a peer, or by someone they have asked to perform a specific review. To request review simply add r=#necko to the end of the first line of your commit message.

Pages in the wiki

All current Networking and Necko pages in the wiki. If you find another outdated page please do the following:

  1. Mark the page as outdated by adding {{Template:Archived}} to the top.
  2. Move the page to the Networking/Archive prefix.