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When: June 17 - 19, 2009


  • Build interest and participation in qa/testing efforts such as windmill
  • Educate and instruct on how to leverage Mozilla platform and web platform
  • Have Mozilla be a visible supporter of this new non-profit, all open-source conference

Confirmed Activities:

Outstanding Needs/To-Dos:

Promoting event:

  • Dietrich blogging
  • Mary to tweet with official Firefox account
  • Mary to add to Spread Firefox
  • Project wiki: Mary will update and Dietrich will give announcement

Mozilla Attendees

  • Dietrich
  • Mikeal
  • Taras Glek
  • Jim Blandy out of town
  • Wil Clouser out of town
  • Mike Morgan
  • Jeremy Orem
  • Alice Nodelman