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Build Infrastructure Outage Policy

1. All build infrastructure outages will be announced via IT's blog and DevNews. Included in the outage notice will be which services are going down, how long the window is, and the point of contact for the outage window.

2. If Tier 1 Tinderboxen are to be taken down or affected during the move, a Build engineer will be responsible for closing the tree and remaining available until the tree is to open again.

3. During the outages, the PoC for the outage must be available to coordinate as necessary with IT, Web, or other teams to ensure that the services are restored to a production level (either rolled back as necessary or available) at the end of the outage window.

4. The outage should be done during a time when PoC can remain available until the services are up at the end of the window. Thus, outage windows should not cause the PoC's to be up at odd hours for their timezones, etc.