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Project Name: Leadership Toolkit


Website and courses with reflect what Participation Team think are the skills needed to better perform in our community and help growing that community

Development Repo: Leadership Toolkit


Create a place where mozillians could find resources to develop new skills and grow individually and help their communities to grow. These resources are selected, curated and created by Participation Team with an opinionated vision about which skills are needed by Mozilla’s community to improve their support to Mozilla. Also will be a place where communities could find resources to add to their community gathering


Mozillians has a place to train themselves on skills needed to improve their individual and inter-personal skills, and support Mozilla in a better shape


Mozillians came to the organization because of the mission, and give their time and experience. At the same time they need to find places where they could learn new skills and improve their personal careers. Participation Team needs to find out and teach the skills needed to help support Mozilla mission and community in a better way


In a first stage we are working on a set of training resources that could be reach by any core mobilizer. In the mid term future we are thinking on creating courses that will help mozillians and other open source projects to find a place where learn this skills.

Reps council, Mozilla on Campus program


We meet once per heartbeat (once every 3 weeks), but do most collaboration async in Gitter.


Roadmap for each heartbeat leading into the end of Q4 can be found here.

Alignment to Mozilla Goals

Build Core Strength: Build Capabilities of Core Contributor Mobilizers & Communities



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