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Coaching Framework


Train a set of “mentors” into coaching. Have these mentors establishing 1:1 coaching relationships with other core mobilizers. Every core mobilizer have a coach relationship to improve their personal development based on social leadership


Provide coaching training to core mobilizers in order to establish a coaching network and provide coaching to all core mobilizers

Alignment With Mozilla Goals

Build Core Strength: Build Capabilities of Core Contributor Mobilizers & Communities


Mozillians needs to have a framework that lets them improve their personal and interpersonal skills. This improvement will transform the way they support Mozilla and will create the space for a better participation and creation of new ideas and projects.


Core mobilizers being coached deliver a more aligned and impactful collaboration


We finish the first cohort training on Q3 and we are starting the second cohort for Q4. First cohort were 12 people and second one will be 24. We start with new Rep mentors, but the second round and following will include Reps that were mentors before. We need to establish a better Peers Coach system for this network, so they could help each other developing their Coaching skills.


  • Guillermo Movia leading the project and providing training.
  • Rubén Martín coordinating the overall direction

Internal Stakeholders

Regional Communities, Reps program


Purchase of «The Tao of coaching» books for participants

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How to get involved

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