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Community Gatherings


We systematically deliver regular in-person gatherings with our focus communities and mobilizers were they learn new skills and align with Mozilla’s and Participation team goals


A focus set of relevant training and learning opportunities for mobilizers are systematized and they regularly access these opportunities to be more effective in their contributions and as a result providing more impact to Mozilla’s main initiatives

Alignment With Mozilla Goals

Build Core Strength: Build Capabilities of Core Contributor Mobilizers & Communities


In-person meetings have been proven as a very effective way to align and train our mobilizers, as well as get them re-energized.


Our mobilizers and communities can probe being more effective contributing to top initiatives.


We started in May with the Brazil one and we will have the last one for this year in Mexico in November.


  • Guillermo Movia leading the content strategy
  • Francisco Picolini leading the logistics
  • Rubén Martín coordinating the overall direction

Internal Stakeholders

Regional Communities, Reps program, Skill building team, Focus functional areas staff, Activate Mozilla team.


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How to get involved

  • [Join our Gitter Channel/Discourse Topic and say hi]